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Artist Devo: Our Culture’s SEX ED (Urban D)

Published on May 17, 2010

Our Culture’s SEX ED
Tommy Kyllonen aka Urban D.

Verse One:

Peep the culture’s mentality / Saturated by sexuality / Attracted by sensuality / Fantasizing a false reality / Here’s the technicality / We’re trying to fill a spot created for spirituality / It’s grown to epic proportions / It’s turned a beautiful thing into an ugly contortion / Take caution / When you browsing on the web late nights / Cuz there’s over 300 million porn sites / It starts with small bites / But beware your appetite can grow / Statistics will show / It’s an epidemic that over 50 million Americans now know / Cuz their addicted/ They can’t evict it / It’s wrecked their expectations – their afflicted / It’s big business / Bigger than all pro sports put together / $12 Billion dollars (watch out) – temptation is clever /

Verse Two:

Sex sells and the culture buys / From CD’s, to cars, to French Fries / Legs, breasts, and thighs / Marinating in your thoughts – it ain’t wise / From Tims and Jeans – To suits and ties / It all starts with the eyes / For the girls and especially for the guys / Lust entices with the tantil – eyes / It’s no surprise / We try to take something that ain’t ours – we plagiar – eyes / In our mind we try to re-shape reality – we love to custom – eyes / But the result we despise / The consequences come in and wreck us with the vandal – eyes / Don’t fall for the lies / Don’t fall for the disguise / Let’s stand up together and rize / and open our spiritual eyes / See the truth – see the proof – let’s unite and mobile – eyes /

– from Urban D.’s song “Temptation” from The Un.orthodox album.

Everyday we’re bombarded with countless sexual images. It seems to be a major thread in the fabric of nearly everything we look at; commercials, billboards, magazines, TV shows, YouTube clips, music videos, etc. The culture is constantly influencing us on this subject. In essence they are educating us! But, the majority of what they’re teaching us is a false version of how it really is.

Have you ever wanted to buy something really nice, but you couldn’t afford it? All the time, right? You know the latest style or the hottest brand name that’s out there grabbing everyone’s attention? Many of us have found a way we can still get it… not by stealing it, but by getting the imitation aka the bootleg version. Nowadays they do a great job with making the bootleg joints look exactly like the real thing! Sometimes the bootleg version can even look better as it comes out in unique colors or styles that the real version never even came out in. About two years ago I was walking around at the local flea market here in my city and I saw some Jordan’s that caught my eye. I’ve always loved Jordans and have owned several pairs over the years. For all my Jordan heads you’ll feel me on this. I’ve always wanted to get a pair of the 4’s and I saw this pair in all brown. I’m personally into the earth tone colors, so I was like – Yo! I picked them up and they were suede! They looked official. I asked the dude how much, and to my surprise they were only $60! What? He asked me my size, so I told him and he brought out an official Jordan box with tags and papers. I tried them on and ended up taking them home! Over the next year or so I had lots of compliments on those shoes with people constantly telling me how dope they were and asking where I got that color and how much they cost. But, soon something strange started to happen. The outside of the shoe still looked great, but the inside sole started falling apart, to the point where there was a hole going all the way to the rubber. I knew something was up, but I got some gel insoles to put inside to solve the problem and it was all good. But, a few months later I noticed that the entire bottom of the right shoe had a crack all the way across and it was exposing the inside of the shoe. If I stepped in a puddle the whole inside of the shoe would instantly get wet. Then I knew for sure – they were bootleg! I fell for the bootleg – lol!

The version of Sex that the culture is selling us is almost always a bootleg version. It looks good on the outside, but the inside will quickly fall apart! It sometimes even looks better and comes out in different styles and flavors than we’ve ever seen before (its called porn). It’s easier and it’s cheaper! But, in the end it will always let you down. Sex is a beautiful thing that God created and he wants us to enjoy it, but in the right context aka the way He planned it. In the very first book of the Bible it says, “For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh.” (Gen. 2:24) His plan for sex is between a man and a woman in marriage. But, the culture will constantly push and promote a very different version to us. They make it look cool to sleep around with different people, view porn or experiment with someone of your own gender. What they don’t tell you is that eventually it will leave you empty and emotionally wrecked. God doesn’t set these standards in place because he doesn’t want us to have fun. He does this because he cares about us and he knows how our emotions are wired because he made us. God knows that when we have sex with someone we leave a piece of our soul with that person. So many people have left so many pieces of themselves with others they are confused of who they are or what they really want.

The culture teaches us that pornography is normal, innocent and it doesn’t hurt anyone. Porn is now as easily accessible as our cell phones. It can seem like no big deal at first, but porn quickly becomes very addictive and it changes the way that we think about our sexuality. It sets false expectations and makes us become very self-centered. Every day it destroys relationships and ends marriages and leaves people empty, guilty and unhappy. Our culture will also promote that homosexuality is cool. Reality TV shows, movies and music videos have done a great job of making this lifestyle look normal, acceptable and even fun. But, it’s a bootleg version and according to our creator it’s not cool. It’s not how He intended it to be. In the Bible in both the Old Testament and New Testament it talks about how homosexuality is not natural, it’s not normal, it’s wrong.

You might be reading this now and feeling bad as you’ve fallen for the bootleg and messed up sexually in some areas. You may currently be struggling with lust, porn or homosexuality. First off, I want to remind you that God loves you so much! He cares greatly for you and has an incredible plan for your life. It’s no accident you came on this website and clicked to this article. The word SEX probably got your attention, but God wanted you to read His perspective on the topic. Many times Christians and the church can be very quiet on this topic, but the scriptures have a lot to say about it. God created Sex to be a beautiful thing that a man and a woman enjoy in marriage, but culture took it and perverted it into something dirty that can cause us a lot of pain. If you are dealing with that pain, God can bring true healing and true change to your life. You have to admit where you’re at, ask Him for help and then be willing to submit to Him and follow His standards. If this article is speaking to you and you know you need to change, I invite you right now to pause and pray this prayer:

“Dear God, I thank you for putting this article in front of me and speaking to me about a very real subject. I admit this is an area where I’ve struggled and made some mistakes. I believe you sent your son Christ to bring forgiveness for my mistakes. Today I ask for that forgiveness. I’m sorry. I know you love me and that you don’t want me to stay the same, so please bring true change in my life. Bring healing in this area of my heart. Give me strength and discipline to follow your plans and to be careful about the things I look at and the things I listen to. Help me not to fall for the bootleg version, but to have eyes to see the truth. Help me to change my habits and honor you in everything I do. In Jesus name – Amen.”

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