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Artist Interview: Big Phil

Published on February 10, 2012 catches up with the big boy of Rhyme Council, “Big Fil”, and goes in on how he wants to glorify an even bigger God with his latest project, “Stadium Status”.

Shine: For the readers who may not be familiar with you, go ahead and give us your background on how you got started.

Big Fil: Man I could write a book…lol, but I will paraphrase. I’ve been rapping for about 15 years, started off in secular rap and had an opportunity to sign to Slip-Slide Records (Trick Daddy, Rick Ross, Trina). I knew they were going to drag us through the mud…lol. We were excited but I begin to feel different. The Lord was truly after me. I began to go to church and that’s where I heard the Gospel and came in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. I put the mic down for a couple years. Then, I messed around with it again for a few years. In 2004, I said I’m going to take it seriously and been going hard ever since.

Shine: How did the connection with Rhyme Council come about?

Big Fil: I met Swift when he came to Florida to shoot a video with Space Cherry and he happened to be on the same event. We rocked it. He stated he was feeling the music…I believe he was shocked to see another big boy go hard as he does on stage…lol. But, we saw each other again in NY and just built with each other and then he invited to the camp, and the rest is history.

Shine: Are you from Florida or Philly?

Big Fil: You know I get that question a lot. I guess it’s because the way I rap or the strong east coast influence I have. I’m from Florida and raised in Jacksonville (Duuuuvaaal)…lol

Shine: What’s the CHH scene like in Florida?

Big Fil: It’s a blessing bro. We love the unity down here. We all have different lanes but we never mind helping each other. We all support from Space Cherry (Juice2020, Kyon, Jann) to Brinson, Eshon and myself with the music to Straight-N-Narrow with the clothing. There is more of us here too, more talent, more brothers that you will soon hear about. We all family, our wives are friends. It’s bigger than music down there.

Shine: What’s the concept behind “Stadium Status”?

Big Fil: Big Records for a BIG GOD! I wanted to present something different. To show ya’ll the importance of understanding worship is not a certain sound of music but the life you live that shows up in your music and how hip-hop has a place in that as well. I focused on making songs that would corporately do damage in a concert setting, to the point that when they left the concert, a change has taken place in their life, but can be in the privacy of your room and experience his power in the words and melodies. It’s not just hip hop music, its hip heart music.

Shine: Are there any features that you can mention?

Big Fil: Oh yeah! Of course we got the RCMG fam on there (Swift and Tragic hero). I got a guy named Damascus on there. I got Jeremiah (get familiar with him, he the future), D-Maub, Young Joshua, Jahaziel, Reddlettaz and Eshon Burgundy.

Shine: When writing do you target a market or just write what’s on your heart?

Big Fil: A little of both. I may write about how I feel and if I’m inspired about something I read or a discussion I had with someone or something on radio or TV. I do write certain songs to touch on a certain topic or what mission I’m after.

Shine: Who are some of your influences?

Big Fil: Well I always had a bigger east coast influence coming up. Big, Nas, Jay, DMX but when I stepped away from them, God put Cross Movement, Pettidee, Ambassador, Urban D, Moe Henderson in my path, I have been bless since then.

Shine: What’s new with Rhyme Council?

Big Fil: New music. New album from myself called “Stadium Status” right now, Swift has an EP out called “Anomalous” that is a must hear and he is working on a new album also. There’s a new FREE album from Tragic Hero coming soon as well. Sarah is working. We’re just trying to flood ya’ll for 2012.

Shine: Is there anything recently that God has impressed on your heart that you want to share?

Big Fil: Just being thankful. To remember we should thank Him in the good and bad. He is worthy of it. If he doesn’t pull you out it, He will pull you through it. God is faithful, so be thankful of that.

Shine: What’s something we don’t know about you?

Big Fil: I’m a singer and a comedian at heart.

Shine: How can someone reach you?

Big Fil: You can follow me @BigFil904 on and on Make sure you purchase the new album on! To learn more about RCMG visit

Written by Shine
Follow Shine @Shines140


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