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The South has a quiet brag in Hip Hop and an untouchable roster of some of the greatest minds and talents in music history. Raring to join that number with an undeniable gift is God’s prodigal and Decatur’s own, the artist 1K P-Son. With a bevy of dues paid and a riveting story of overcoming, betrayal and deferred dreams, 1K P-Son is one of the realest voices in music today.

His production that is an assault to the senses- raw syncopation, menacing, thoughtful lyricism that nowadays is so rare that it’s revelatory and versatility that can neither be called trap, nor old school, nor new school, this is Hip Hop for heads and it will not be silenced. The embodiment of versatility,1K P-Son grips the lanes of Trap music like a consummate professional, yet easily merges into experimental delivery and sound that makes him impossible to categorize or pigeon-hole.

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