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Well known in his hometown of Tappahannock, Virginia, Jerrell Golden took his passion for rapping and ran with it the first time he stepped foot in a studio back in 2002. Little did he know his passion would become his purpose, and the music he was making would later be the catalyst in his mission to help save souls. For 17 years Jerrell has been making his own music, and has been performing for just as long. He is no stranger to large audiences as he placed 3rd in the B.E.T Rising Star Competition in 2012.

2013 is when Jerrell’s life was redirected. After being told several times by his mother that he should use his gifts to talk about God, God began to tug at Jerrell on a personal level. Not only is that the year he began to date his future wife he also began his relationship with God and became a full-time member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. “That was a powerful moment in my life,” Jerrell says, “and the only way to talk about how I was feeling was to get in the studio.” In April of 2014, Jerrell released his first gospel rap album entitled “My TESTimony”. That album was his full conversion story and was available for the entire world to hear. Jerrell was said to be the first black Mormon rapper, which to him at that time was pretty cool.

While continuing to flourish within his new-found religion, he continued to pump out more new music releasing cd full of singles in 2015 and a major collaboration mixtape called “God’s Army” in 2016. This mixtape featured gospel recording artists from all over the country and helped establish many connections for Jerrell and his ministry.

Jerrell signed with Holy Ground Music Group, LLC under the management of David Quiñones from Brooklyn, New York. Quickly he went from being a hometown name to gaining nationwide recognition. From performing in major cities such as Las Vegas and New York City to taking part in The Extreme Tour which during he visited 4 states and 5 cities, his ministry was impacting more and more people. “One of the most beautiful things about a testimony is that it’s never-ending,” says Jerrell. As Jerrell continued to grow in his church, he also continued to grow in God. He began feeling extreme guilt during his Sunday services and couldn’t understand why. Those feelings led him to research more about the religion he and his family had become a part of. While dealing with the immense conviction God had placed on him, he was entered into a talent competition by his good friend Ryan Davis. Not only did Jerrell win the competition but he swept the judges’ panel and won unanimously, getting the opportunity to be an opening act for legendary Toby Mac at the 2016 KingsFest Festival.

Jerrell had begun to have mixed feelings about the Mormon church and started to spill his emotions onto beats. This led to the birth of his self-titled sophomore album “Jerrell Golden”, which was released summer of 2017 and is being streamed and circulated all throughout the world. Jerrell cleverly spoke of his recent struggles in songs such as “BYOB (Bring Your Own Bible)” and “Humble”. The underline message for “BYOB (Bring Your Own Bible)” is for people to study their bibles themselves, while “Humble” teaches us to not block our own blessings. Since pulling his family out of the Mormon church, Jerrell has intensified his mission of strengthening other’s relationships with Jesus Christ by strengthening their knowledge in the Bible.

His ministry reached new heights as he received 5 nominations at The 2018 Rhythm of Gospel Awards, taking home the “Holy Hip Hop Artist of The Year Award” along with “Holy Hip Hop Song of The Year Award” with his single “BYOB (Bring Your Own Bible)”. He also won the “Best Male Hip Hop Award” at the “2018 Gospel Image Awards” which was held in Charlotte, North Carolina. In January of 2019, Jerrell took part in the first-ever “CHH and Gospel Hip Hop Cruise” to the Bahamas, thus making him an international recording artist.

 From being the oldest of two sons to a husband and proud father of 2 kids, Jerrell is committed to being a positive role model for his family as well as those around him. He’s been told by people of all ages that his music gives them “life” and a sense of “hope”. He says, “My music is my life and my life revolves around my faith in God. My goal is to be as transparent as possible and to unashamedly let people know who I am and what I stand for. I am determined on sharing God’s word in a way they can digest it.”

You can purchase his latest album “Jerrell Golden” on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music or stream it on Spotify and any other digital outlet.

I encourage you all to keep watch for this young man because eyes have not seen, nor ears have heard what’s next to come for the Ministry of Jerrell Golden.

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