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Redeemed Thought

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Redeemed Thought from Philadelphia consisted of Darrell also known as Stephen the Levite and Gabriel also known as muzeONE. The crew started with eight men and would disband as a duo in 2007.

Edification Night
Redeemed Thought began on the campus of Calvary Chapel Bible College in Murrieta Hot Springs, California during the spring semester of 2001, with eight brothers in the Lord preparing for an event entitled Edification Night. These eight young men brought together by a common interest in Hip Hop and their knowledge of Mike Thornburg and/or Matt Christian sought to use their God-given gifts to edify the students of CCBC through music and teaching. Edification Night went well and requests for future ministry showed the group that Redeemed Thought would continue.

By the next semester, God had made it clear that Redeemed Thought was not just a one-night thing and that there needed to be a commitment from its members. He began to remove those whom He had called to other ministries leaving five members (Mike, Giancarlo, Travis, Darrell is also known as Stephen the Levite), and Roger. At this point, God opened more doors for ministry. That semester, Redeemed Thought ministered at Mountain View Community Church in Temecula, Faith Temple in Riverside, The Campus of UC Riverside, and twice more at the coffee shop of CCBC.

Still solidifying the membership, by the end of the semester God made it clear that Mike and Travis were going to be leaving the group, both to go home (Travis to Washington and Mike to Philadelphia) to marry their girlfriends. He then called Gabriel (muzeONE) into the group and halfway through the following semester, He called Roger out to another ministry. Gabs brother Victor began producing for the group, and also encouraging them to finish projects.

Gabriel, Darrell, and Giancarlo that semester ministered once more at Mountain View, at Oasis Christian Fellowship, Colton Christian Fellowship and finally at Harvest Christian Fellowship, along the way meeting and ministering with Josh McDowell, Christsyde, Priesthood, Mars Ill, Red Cloud, Future Shock, and Sol Seekers.

Around April of 2002, Victor left for the Air Force. Then in late June, the Lord directed Gabe and Darrell to move in with the group originator Mike, who had moved to New Jersey. A few months later Mike heard God calling him to Youth Ministry and resigned once again and the two remaining members, Darrell (Stephen the Levite) and Gabriel (muzeONE) moved to Philadelphia.

In Philadelphia, they have already joined in fellowship and co-labors with Timothy, DJ Essence, J-Silas, Shai Linne, M.O.D., The Cross Movement, R-Swift, da T.R.U.T.H., and many others.

Since Edification night, Redeemed Thought has grown spiritually, musically and relationally, though, drastically decreasing in members. They’ve recorded one EP, “The Body of Christ EP” (2002), and have released their first full-length LP, “TruthBeautyGoodness” in 2005. This album received a re-release in a remixed and remastered version by Lamp Mode Recordings in 2007.

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