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Rodnie Jerome Graham Jr aka R-Swift is a hip hop artist, speaker & social activist. Throughout his career, R- Swift has had many milestone achievements such as: being a part of two grammy nominated albums & having three of his own albums – Soapbox (2008), Anthem (2009) & Apply Pressure (2013) – chart on Billboard. R-Swift also received a medal from the Pentagon for making a song I Pray in remembrance of 9/11, and many more. Aside from rapping, R-Swift is also a speaker and has spoken at various detention centers, penitentiaries, schools, colleges, youth groups & community events around the country.

R-Swift is known for using his music not just as a personal outlet, but as a platform to communicate a positive outlook; as well as bring awareness to social ills and injustice. Swift partnered with G.E.M.S Girls (an organization that fights against human sex trafficking) and released the single UnHeard, the proceeds of this song goes to G.E.M.S Girls. Swift is also in the planning stages of a 15 city Stop The Violence campaign, where he will travel throughout 15 of the most dangerous cities in the US performing, speaking and encouraging people to stop the violence and live for more. One of the quotes that R-Swift holds to “People don’t care about what you know until they know that you care”, his goal is to leave a legacy as one who used his platform not only to entertain but to revolutionize the way we hear music.

“We strive hard for excellence in the music while striving even harder for change outside the music”- R-Swift

R-Swift’s recent projects You’re Welcome and You’re Welcome 2 are currently available on all platforms via GLDN Era.

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