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Atlanta, GA – February 10th, 2010 – ARTportunity Knocks presents “The Movement” brings you the best of the “Positive Impact” Music community. ARTportunity Knocks presents “The Movement” CD satisfies the growing demand for positive music in both Christian and secular cultures. This cutting edge music compilation CD continues to gain popularity and many fans through its uplifting messages, movement and impact, just like WOW and X.

“The Movement”, the name of the album, was chosen by ARTportunity Knocks to let people know that the new era in the music business has arrived and the artist that took part in the making of this album are quickly establishing themselves as the leadership in this “Positive Impact” movement.

ARTportunity Knocks is an 501(c)3 nonprofit program and all proceeds from the purchase of the CD will go towards opening a new Open Labs studio featuring state–of-the-art audio equipment and technology where we endeavor to train the youth to be excellent in music production, songwriting, vocals and music theory.

ARTportunity Knocks will make the album available in all digital stores as well as your local mom and pop outlets. The first singles that are being serviced to radio are by Corey Red which is titled “I’m Still Here” and by OG Domino which is titled “4 My GOD”. This double-disc compilation consists of over 30 songs with appearances from Corey Red, Whuteva, DMAUB, Michelle Bonilla, Mahoney, J. Robinson, OG Domino, Pettidee, Fedel, The Wrecking, Gifted The Flame Throwa, Frontlynaz, Christifari, Mali Music and many more!!!!!!

In addition, ARTportunity Knocks is offering the Double Up (2X) Program which gives donors a FREE copy of the compilation CD if they purchase the CD during the pre-order sale period. The purpose of the program is to encourage donors to give the CD to someone who is unaware of Christian or Positive Impact music.

Hear a sneak peek of the music at

And in case the music wasn’t exciting enough, ARTportunity Knocks has decided to take fan participation to a whole new level by increasing fan participation by placing a select number of “Golden or Silver Tickets” inside of the CD cases. These tickets will signify various prizes such as a Wii gaming system or a trip to visit an artist on this compilation CD (Along with a representative from ARTportunity Knocks) and to attend their show.

For more information about the music and the ARTportunity Knocks program, visit

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