From grace to glory with Atlanta author and worship minister Anna Lonelle

Atlanta’s own, Anna Lonelle dropped in on the Da Fixx to talk about her new project Anna Lonelle Live in Atlanta and the adventures of making a solo project. 

Growing up in Atlanta, Lonelle has always been around CHH and working as a background vocalist, she got exposed to the touring life early in her career. 

Who is Anna Lonelle?

When the Atlanta born singer/songwriter is not in the studio recording, she is leading worship at Embassy International Worship Center. Her talents don’t stop with the microphone, her 2018 biography titled From Grace to Glory made her an author as well. The transition from Sunday’s stage to the world stage is one that felt natural for her. 

“It was just time for me to release my own project.” Being inspired by everyone pulling on her to do a project, she decided to do that just that.

As a creator, it’s important to understand the spiritual aspect of the creative process. “I’m huge on creating things organically in the moment. Letting the music play and just listen for the voice of God. I sing whatever I hear. I pull from scripture. I reached out to a lot of songwriters as well but I always make sure that it’s my heart that’s being released.”

Being open also plays a big part in Lanelle’s creative process. “I love to sing whatever the Lord drops upon me.” Growing up Baptist and the Christian Hip Hop I was exposed to while touring will be a huge part of this new album.”

When asked who would be her dream collab, the worship pastor says, “Tye Tribbett…it would be an honor to work with him. I feel like he’s my spirit animal.”  

Even though not everyone in the gospel world was as open to CHH at the 2022 Stellar Awards, Lonelle maintains that is good for the culture. 

“I loved the presentation, I love the direction its headed, for a long time the show leaned heavily to the left (referring to traditional gospel). The rap and CCM inspirational music never played a big part in the show…it kind of makes you think are they hatin’ a lil bit.”

Beyonce Church girl 

When Beyonce dropped Church Girl, the world went bananas. But not everybody appreciated the lyrics. “After a few seconds of playing it, I immediately turned it off” I didn’t think it was a good representation of us (church girls). The whole album was not my favorite but she’s a secular artist doing what people in the world do.”

The singer songwriter is excited about her new live experience album and hopes that it will inspire the kingdom and those who are still searching. “I just want people to receive God in whatever form that they need him, get that reminder and strength through this album..”

As a women who has experienced heartache and who undergone therapy, Lonelle is passionate about helping empower other women. “You empower them just by being real. We forget to be vulnerable. Who I am today, I wasn’t always that person. I can tell you about my past struggles with drugs and alcohol but in the end I am evidence of the power of God.”

The Atlanta authors autobiography offers a glimpse into her world and how with God she was able to become new in Christ.

“From Grace to Glory is about my life and my ministry. How the lord allowed me to still blossom through the midst of all that was going on around me.  I hope this book blesses someone else. All things work together for the good of those that love the Lord. Every step was orchestrated by God. There is glory after this and if you can hold on to God even through the storm, you will be alright.”   

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Atlanta worship pastor Anna Lonelle empowering the next generation of women
Atlanta worship pastor Anna Lonelle autobiography, From Grace to Glory, The Story of a Rose.