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[listen.] Erica Danea “Counter Culture”

Yet, again, Counter Culture artist Erica Danea proves that being a Christian rapper does not mean having to sell out to secular standards. Her new single “Counter Culture” featuring Lox delineates the concept and purpose behind her “art against the world” ministry.

In an age in which destructive messages are ever prevalent, “Counter Culture” suggests removing lust and materialistic pursuits from its pedestal by pursuing a godly route, a choice that will ensue eternal rewards instead of temporary feel goods.
Produced by Akai Najir “Counter Culture” engages listeners with its dance friendly, club-style beat sure to satisfy today’s youth from the burbs to the hood.

With a hook that’s easy to catch onto and lyrical acclaim to match, “Counter Culture” is definitely going down as one of this year’s summer time favorites.

For more information, promo requests or to set up an interview, please contact Shawn Stevens.
Recording Label: counter culture art LLC

Follow Erica Danea: edanea

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