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[HOT!] Cory Cifax – Humility Blues & Air Guitar



I’ll say some things I know I wont regret/ things that I see in this bottomless pit/humility is a problem at best/ the problems in me man I gotta admit/ vulnerable…. that is the key to where honesty lives/and honestly I don’t think I will come in/ but God is inviting me out to this odyssey freedom but pride it keeps boxing me in…… how to begin/ If God lifts me up am I off balance living my life off of raw talents audience always applauding and compliments got in my confidence now when He talk and my hearts callus/ My ears plugged I don’t hear nothing He talks to me “Did you hear something”

Us Artist appalling look how we be doing this/ if we had the power man what would do wit it/ think we r the pilot we’re more like the stewardess but all our stewardship smelling like sewages excuse me Yeshua please help me I’m new at this/ You gave me some raps and platform but I feel like I’m trapped in sandstorm/ confused in a maze when I’m threw on a stage and I cant find nothing to stand on/ I front like a lion buts that’s wrong I’m really a ant in this ant farm/ building what to me seems so gigantic but to God standards its ant small/ and it won’t last long/ man what a sad song/

Bumping this Stevie Ray Vaughn in the whip/ catching my thoughts as they fall on this pen/ fall on shins as a talk to the father again ask for forgiveness of all of my sins my this awfulness causing this coffin within/ so either I die in my sin or I die to myself/ fall on my knees ask the father help/ forgiveness and love hits my heart till it melts/sucks in my life till my bodies a shell/refills it again with His Spirit and then He throws all of my sin to the bottom of hell/ can you believe that?! I swear I thought I saw defeated…found a way to save me what a genius..Dropped my cocky I’m feeling right I mean I’m feeling like

Awkardness..I am as awkward as awkward is also as awesome as awesome is cause a big shots who my fathers is son of gun I been coughing clips since the day that he made me His foster kid which basically means that I’m hollering till the day of their greatest acknowledgment acknowledge who I say my father is who made me apart of his parliament on the base find a place and I’m falling in/ my heart it is his temple and all of this on fire I swear that my fathers an arsonist my heart is His and my father is

he’s awesome immaculate also extravagant authored the planets and stars and the atlas and also the fabric of life can you fathom it let there be light and he talks and its happening all of its accurate dog is this happening the waters in deserts the faucet in tragedy most high in the sky may I walk with your majesty dancing on clouds making falsehood of gravity uh…

Over the ground over the buildings over the clouds over the stars looking over the crowd. I’m nothing but nothing Jehovah is wow! I nothing but fronting I’m boastful and proud but willingly still He be holding me down somebody calm all of this dopamine down

Ok I’m over it now!

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