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[listen.] Ken Owens “#LastFightProject”


Ken Owens
The first song “VS the world” (Produced by Andreonbeat) opens up with my dad preaching and that represents the foundation of what I was taught growing up as a youngin. Then you hear the struggles I sift through in my head in regards to my circumstances, what I see in the world, and people expectations. I also express this feeling of loneliness throughout that process but I then acknowledge the things that I was taught growing up and express that I still believe that.

The second song “Myself vs Myself” (Produced by Smooth) is exactly what the title alludes to. The song is literally my strengths and weakness fighting against each other. I let people into my most honest thoughts. I also let people into my deepest hopes that I have. This song is very transparent and I wrote it while I was going through it so it is a authentic sonic snapshot of where I was at that point.

The third song “Hometown” (Produced by Garner Boys) is me talking about the circumstances of where I come from and how people tend to think. You also hear me asking questions regarding job security and education being held high where Im from. I also warn myself about what success may bring but I still will “phone home” at all times. When I say “phone home” I am talking about my heavenly home.

The fourth song “Right Now” (Produced by Jayze & Goldmine) is with my homie Lil T from New Orleans. We are on a tour right now with We became good friends pretty fast. He is real cool with Dee-1 and its crazy because before I even met him I was trying to explain the lane of music I want to make to a manager and he was one of the references. This song is just about embracing the NOW. Lil T also represents all my friends and family encouraging me throughout life.

The last song “Blessed” just came from place of freedom and confidence. I got the instrumental from the homie Gairett #TMU and this is just icing on the cake! I say “or the whole team E.P.I.C.” and Im talking about all my brothers and sisters that are on the tour with #EpicAssemblies with me!

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