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COG=200Artist Name: C.O.G.
Song Title: Encouragement
Audio Leak
Album: Ghetto Hymm Book
Label: PD Soul Entertainment
Release Date: 2009
Brief Summery: C.O.G. has been charged by God, to take back the culture the HE allowed to be created, as a voice to the youth of the world, to express themselves. C.O.G. isn’t trying to change the music, the fashion, (well, maybe some of it), the art, or the medium. C.O.G. is here to change THE MOTIVES behind Hip-Hop.

The enemy has had a choke hold on the Hip-Hop generation for quite some time, commercializing what was once a venue for urban youth to speak in a way that only they could relate to. However, in the beginning of Hip-Hop, there was no space allowed for the Spirit of Christ to dwell, allowing the enemy free reign over our young people. For additional info visit:

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