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Audio Leak: Chay Sutton “Feel Me”

Published on August 18, 2009

Chay_Sutton=200Artist Name: Chay Sutton
Song Title: Feel Me
Audio Leak

Produced by: Don Christi’on from Genuine Life Productions
Album Title: The Foreshadow:Open Eyes Open Ears Open Heart

Brief Summary
:  Chameion D’Metrius Sutton was born in Seattle, Washington on September 12th, 1980 to Sammy & Linda Sutton. His dad Sammy was a gifted singer and his mom Linda was gifted in giving His parents separated when he was just six years old & this left him somewhat emotionally torn. However shortly after the separation he started playing football as well as other sports. This gave him a great outlet for his emotions as well as the ability to develop strong discipline & focus. He grew up like many other kids, but from a young age he realized that he was different. He was naturally a leader and always the kind of person that people were attracted to.

Chameion did not grow up in the church but at various times in his life godly seeds were planted. The first time he remembers going to church was at the age of nine & it was prophesied to him that he was in the right hand of God. Chameion also realized at the age of nine that he had the ability to sing. At the age of thirteen he gave his life to Christ, but without godly fellowship & guidance in the word he gradually conformed back to the ways of the world. At fourteen Chameion sang in front of 10,000 people at a basketball tournament. He also entered and won a talent show which led to him becoming a part of a singing group in California. The group recorded at Capital Records, and things looked very promising for his music career. However some things within the group and its management went sour and the group fell apart. At the age of sixteen Chameion was a part of a new group called Two Occasions. This group seemed to have all the makings for music success, but for many different reasons the group never achieved the success it desired. At this point Chameion felt a tug in his heart that secular music wasn’t for him.

At eighteen he got back into church but quickly became un-attracted because of those he knew that claimed to be living for God, but their actions showed otherwise. This caused him to try to walk with God alone, without the fellowship of the saints.

In 2003, Chameion graduated from the University of Nevada Las Vegas. A few months later he started playing professional football in the Arena league for the Las Vegas Gladiators. In his first year on the team he met a godly teammate named Cornelius Bonner ( a.k.a. Corn Bread) who took him under his wing. Cornelius spent time with him in the morning each day reading the bible and teaching him about forgiveness, and from this a strong desire for the Lord was ignited. From that point on Chameion had a desire to find a church home. In 2004 when he came back to Seattle in the off season he started attending the services at V.L.C.C. He felt welcomed & after a very short time he knew that this was where he needed to be planted & grounded. A few months later he joined the praise team and God begin to move in his life like never before. This was the beginning of his journey in gospel music!

On September 12th 2004 Chameion received the power of the Holy Spirit and from that day on he knew that he would never be the same. Since then he has continued to grow in the word, musically, and in the ministry. Along with growing in the word and musically, Chameion became the youth minister at V.L.C.C.

He has a very strong passion for young people, and his goal is to pour God’s love out to them in a way that they can understand. He wants to help guide & equip them in the word of God so that they to can go out and help win souls for the kingdom. Chameion has a heart for the things of God and he is fully confident that God will do extraordinary things in the area of ministry that he has been called to.

Over the past five years Chameion has been placing his signature vocally, writing gospel music, and ministering with Genuine Life Records. He has now become a part-owner of the Genuine Life company and is excited about being in full time ministry.



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