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Domi_Rash=200Artist Name: Domi Rash
Song Name: I Speak
Audio Leak
Status: Unsigned
Production Credits:  Self-Produced (Beats by Dimonz)
Hometown: Fort Worth, TX
Biography: While other children his age were striving to become young athletes, Dominic Hardimon, stage name “Domi Rash”, remained focused on his growth as a musician, slowly filling notebook after notebook with lyrics and teaching himself how to record and master music. “It was my escape, my refuge, away from all the pain I was going through at the time.” While attending college and working two jobs, growing up in a single parent household was tough for the young talent, who fought through the tough attacks on his life-long dream to pursue music. “My homeboys used to tell me my songs were tight, but my voice was annoying. I just stuck with it though; God gave me this voice.”

After both joining the U.S. Air Force and marrying his high-school sweetheart in 2007, his dependency upon God soared to new heights and his music took a dramatic turn. “I pledge allegiance to the Lord because He’s mine and He’s divine,” he raps on his new single “I Speak,” a new attitude and servitude that continues to grow along with his relationship with God. “I know a lot of people teach in their rhymes, and that’s fantastic. But I just want to praise Him in mine and witness to the amazing things He’s done in my life.”

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