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Artist: EKG
Song Title: Stand Firm
CD Name: The House Call EP

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Eddie Keller is a senior in High School in Phoenix, Arizona. Raised in a Christianhome, he has been surrounded by Christian influences his whole life. Praise be to God, Eddie was saved at a young age at Vacation Bible School. As Eddie grew up, he was never really a “bad kid”, but didn’t really live out his faith. Big into hip-hop, he tried his hand at writing secular rap music, but soon realized the effect this was having on his life. However, in his freshmen year of high school on a missions trip, Eddie had an experience with God which shook him to the core and opened his eyes to see what it meant to be a Christian. God told him to stop listening to the secular music he had become so accustomed to, and as soon as he got home, Eddie trashed all the secular music in his iTunes library, leaving only a few songs by Lecrae and KJ-52. But God in His providence began introducing more and more Christian rappers to Eddie. The lyrics in the songs challenged him to dig into the Bible, to strive to get to know God, and to pursue His truths. As time went on, Eddie felt a calling on his life to use the talent God had given him with music to reach others in a similar way he had been reached. He took on the stage name “EKG”, which is his first, last, and middle initials. The name also refers to an EKG machine which a doctor uses to check up the hearts of the people so he can fix whatever is wrong. In this scenario, God is the doctor, and Eddie is the EKG…the tool that God uses to get at the hearts of man. Now EKG is striving to relay the gospel through the medium of Christian rap music to reach those who do not know Jesus Christ as Lord. Soli Deo Gloria!

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