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Audio Leak: Everyday Process “Fire”

Everyday_Process=Fire=200Artist Name: Everyday Process
Song Title: Fire
Album Title: Outtadisworld
Audio Leak
Label: CMR
Release Date:  Sept 1. 2009
Brief Summery: The theme for “Fire” finds its roots in Jeremiah 20:8-9. The prophet Jeremiah was tired of being ridiculed because of proclaiming the word of the LORD. However, when he would consider or try not to proclaim what the LORD wanted him to proclaim, he became weary of holding it in because it was like fire trapped in his bones. As believers today…we can relate. We are ridiculed because of the message the LORD has given us to deliver, BUT we can’t fall back because it’s like fire in our bones. We MUST proclaim the gospel of Christ!

As for the album title, (Outtadisworld), we wanted to highlight the Christian position in this world. We are aliens. We are foreigners. We are nomads. We are pilgrims. We are sojourners who don’t place much value on the temporary things this world and system offers. Therefore, we don’t really fit in. We don’t belong. We recognize that better things await us. We will be satisfied and not merely pacified when we are glorified. We don’t operate by the same principles as other residents on this planet. We have another King who will COMPLETELY restore His rule and kingdom. In a nut shell, from many peoples perspective, we are so far gone, we are out of this world



President/CEO of The Corelink Solution and Holy Culture