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Exo=200Artist name: Exo
Song Name: I Am The True Vine
Audio Leak
CD Name: One Way
Artist/Group Bio: Exo aka James Ladson III who is at the age of 26 has had music within his bloodstream since the age of 5. He was born and raised in the city of Jacksonville, NC. His whole background has been filled with a Christian upbringing thanks mostly to his mother and his father. Both of his parents grew of in New York, in the projects of Brooklyn, where Hip Hop was deeply rooted and blossoming at the time. “My uncle was the starting point in my life to become really acquainted with emcees who could potray their feelings and emotions with their words,” EXO states. With the seeds planted by his uncle around the age of 18, Exo began spitting rhymes and writing lyrics. It was until the age of 22 he began to know his true CALLING, and the TALENTS he had within him was to worship God! Exo is currently signed on as an in house producer for Unified Music Group. From that point in his life he has been working with artists such as Mark Daniel, Seth David, Calmplex of Shadow of the Locusts, Sean Israel, Desciple X, Mike “The Light” Mitchell and others to come!!

President/CEO of The Corelink Solution and Holy Culture

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