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Audio Leak: Goddisciples “Father Figure”

Published on August 16, 2009

Goddisciple=Father_Figure=200Artist Name: Goddisciples
Song Title: Father Figure
Audio Leak

Album Title: Battle Ready
Brief Summary:  We are a hip hop group with revolutionary qualities. We believe we’re gifted with an amazing style that pushes beyond “the norm” and takes music to a whole new creative level. Combining solid raps and flows, that real Hip Hop fans will love, with dashes of rock, indie, r&b, and electronica, we work to make music fresh again. We are three young, conscious emcee-lyricists in the up and coming group also known as “3d”. We represent new standards in hip hop and in music period. With the group being formed in Seattle Washington, Goddisciples seek to put the North West on the map for hip hop fans around the world. We also believe strongly in bringing messages of life, truth, and Jesus without sacrificing the artistic and creative elements of quality, excellent music. Goddisciples intends to prove that people do want to hear something different and that artists can go far without selling out.


President/CEO of The Corelink Solution and Holy Culture