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Artists: GroundXero, Infinite, Dispencer of Faith
Song Name: So Raw
CD: The Revolution Mixtape Available for free download
Mixtape link:

Audio Leak

We started rapping in 2007 with 2 people.  2010 Were 10 deep. Dope right? Our motto? Rise and grind.  Mission? Encourage the found and reach the lost.  Who do we work for? Not the industry, they will work for us.  Were not controlled by the dollar, Jesus is our source of income.  Is our music hot? You tell us, we think its self explanitory.  Cocky? Arrogant? Nope, we just know that were made royalty through THE BLOOD feel me? Are we sinners saved by grace? Yup, were no better than you are.  Where are we headed? The top…first Va Beach, then the 7 Cities, then America, then the world…roll with us, Jesus Christ is King, JOIN THE REVOLUTION!!!

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