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Artist Name: Hothandz
Song Title: Holiness
Audio Leak

Kevin Mayfield is a Producer known for his unique sound. As a child Kevin’s parents were heavily involved in music. Both his parents sang on the church choir as well as directed the children’s choir. Kevin’s exposure to music at a young age developed his passion for listening to music. He soon discovered a strong interest in learning to create the music he had grown to love so much. His God-led journey to production, songwriting, and artist development had begun.

Kevin was introduced to Fruity Loops (FL Studio) in 2003 by a good friend in high school. He says “The Lord had his way from there”. He has been working with FL Studio ever
since and continue to make big music from the heart.

He has worked with artist such as R-swift, Ambassador, DA TRUTH, T-Wyse, and many more. His greatest desire is for the Lord to be glorified and pleased with his music. Today
Hothandz Xclusives, LLC is breaking barriers and musical obstacles with his musical ideas. If you have not heard of Hothandz, please be aware his music is contagious!

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