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Artist Name: Ill Phil
Song Title: I Apologize
Producer: ILL PHIL
Album: Soul Food
Release Date: Oct. 26, 2010
Availability: All Digital Download Stores
Label: Maker’s Music Ent.

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ILL PHIL, 28 years old, was born and raised in New Orleans, La. He began rapping in elementary school and at the age of twelve he was blessed with access to a home re-cording studio. This would be the age in which he would produce his first track. By the age of 17 Phil had become well advanced in music production in addition to song writing. The fact that one of his fellow classmates was a local rap star (Lil Wayne) definitely added to his motivation. By the time he was a senior in high school he was ready to release his first com-plete album. Unfortunately, he was unable to get a record deal and would not release his debut album until years later in 2003. Considering that he was an independent artist with-out much money, his first album did quite well in creating a stepping stone for his career.

While in the midst of traveling all over Louisiana networking and preparing for a statewide mix tape project, ILL PHIL received devastating news. He was now homeless as Hurricane Katrina had completely destroyed his home located in New Orleans East. His new home town would soon become Houston, TX.

In 2006 he was introduced to his Lord and savior Jesus Christ and almost immediately gave up rap and production all together. His new found church preached against rap and labeled all categories of rap Satanic. Thankfully, through God’s grace it wouldn’t take long for him to realize the legalistic views his church was teaching. After years of studying the word of God and developing a relationship with him he felt he was now ready to get back to what he loved to do best, rap and produce. In early 2009 he begin recording a new Christian hip hop album entitled Soul Food with the perspective that he wanted to give people hot, down-to-earth music to enjoy while simulta-neously nurturing their spirit. Finally, the album is complete and he now feels it’s time to contribute to the Christian hip hop community what he thought he had brought to the secu-lar industry many years ago, the truth.

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