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Artist Name: JAIA (Just as I am)
Song Title: Not Ashamed

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The name JAIA signifies JUST AS I AM. The group consists of two talented young ladies by the names of Lisa Davis & Lynda Knox. These gifted recording artists are known for their exquisite harmony with sensuous soul stirring talent and style. JAIA has the versatility of song from gospel, soul, hip-hop, R&B, and Pop/Rock.

The development of their unique style is the result of a lifetime of musical influence.  Both, growing up with young talented careers, and always surrounded by different forms of music.

Lynda & Lisa’s musical journey began in Oklahoma City, OK under the watchful eye of a legendary manager, and promoter. They were quickly noted for the unique style they brought to traditional gospel music, and their popularity began to grow. JAIA has been in the music industry for several years.

Their songs provide a combination of mellow vocals with a rhythmic undercurrent that bear testament to elements of the different styles of gospel. The group traveled and performed with groups across the United States such as: The Mighty Clouds of Joy, Reverend Al Green, Ms. Shirley Caesar, Commission, & The Clark Sisters just to name a few. They often performed with Little Cedric and the Hailey Singers, whom are now known as the Grammy Award winning and platinum recording artist Jo-De-Ci, and now known as K-Ci & JoJo.

Life experiences have affected and influenced their song-writing over recent years. Their development of soul searching, soul saving, and breakthrough lyrics, is an area that they pay a lot of attention to and is incorporated to a certain degree in their music.

And as if that wasn’t enough, JAIA has taken it upon their selves to take up an entirely different, though spiritually satisfying fete of dedicating their time to the Whitten-Newman Foundation, and the Oklahoma Brain Tumor Association. The satisfaction we get from indulging in giving back to their community is second to none.

Anticipation for this project has been building for quite some time and is now at fever pitch.  For those who have heard and those who haven’t, you will be truly blessed with the spectacular range and unique sound of these extremely talented young ladies.

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