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Artist Name: JustHis League
Song Title:  We Go In featuring JB Real

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“In a world where evil lurks around every corner, and darkness consumes the hearts of mankind, there are those who exist with a power not of this world. Assembled together from across the globe, they fight to save humanity from being consumed by The Hollow. Led by their leader, The Great I AM, they entangle men with an unbreakable truth, laying siege of the fallen and bring them from darkest night to brightest day. But with the greatest power in all of creation how much greater is the responsibility of its wielders? With the fate of the world on their collective shoulders, they vow to defend the earth against threats seen and unseen. They are warriors. They are watchmen.

They are THE Just…HIS…League!!!”

We are the One True Voltron Crew !!

1 Corinthians 12.

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