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Audio Leak: Kre8Tor, Buck Barnabas, D W-ill

Song: Pressure
Kre8tor, Buck Barnabas, D W-ill
Album: Double Edge Ministries
Release Date: Coming Soon
Label: Double Edge Ministries

Audio Leak

The Film and Motion Picture Division of D.E.M. presents its first full feature animated film Pressure debuting on DVD and Digital Download in 2010. The gripping tale surrounds the life of Kre8tor, prominent hustler and gang boss who finds himself entangled in a web of deception, betrayal, and murder.

Landing in prison after being set up by an envious enemy, Kre8tor discovers true freedom behind bars when a fellow inmate leads him to Christ. After serving out his sentence, the reformed ex-gangster returns to his old stomping grounds a changed man. But will he succumb to the pressure to return to his old ways after adjusting to life on the outside proves difficult?

Full of plot twists and turns, plus special bonus features including: Videos, exclusive cast interviews, and a blazing hot original soundtrack featuring music from D.E.M.’s superb artist roster, Pressure is a must-have urban Christian film for your collection.
Coming in 2010.

You Can View The Trailer Below

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