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[listen.] Charles A.R. — Running Out of Time

Charles A.R. started his career in 2003 in Daytona Beach FL with a group called “386” and eventually went solo and began engineering, producing, and digitally mastering all of his own material. In 2008 after recording over a mass of 150 songs he then established his own Independent label named “ScopeBoy Inc.” also known as S.M.F.” His approach is more of a concept than a style and is best defined as versatile, in depth, and effective. Composed of lyrical creativity, intellectual content, and tactful delivery he serves as an all around MC. Charles A.R. writes about his interpersonal battles with spirituality, politics, and the worlds tribulation and manages to execute all of these while maintaining a sound that is appeasing to the ear. He is currently transitioning to a more “faith based” approach to his life and music in hopes of saving himself and helping his listeners through Jesus Christ. “Running Out of Time” is Charles A.R.’s first originally produced ‘”faith based” Single from his Up and Coming Album “I AM/AR”. This song represents his struggles with transitioning to a Christian lifestyle and Faith Based music. The song is about not waiting for the last minute to repent and give your life to Jesus Christ. Through his approach he strives to urge the listener to get right with God now and not later.

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