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Leak: N’aeem “For My Yah” ft. Yardeniyah

N’aeem is back with the second new release, For My Yah featuring Yardeniyah. The song is from his fourth coming EP Ben Yahu: Son of Yahuah and is an upbeat anthem about what drives him to continue doing his music. On the cover it reads THEY WONDER WHY I STILL DO THIS SET APART MUSIC. THEY SAY: YOUAIN’T GONNA MAKE NO MONEY! NOBODY WILL LISTEN TO YOUR MESSAGE! YOUR WASTING YOUR TIME! AND I TELL THEM IT’S FOR MY YAH! and that sum it all up. So pick up this hot single and let’em know that in everything you do It’s For My Yah.

Available 8/17/12 @
Produced by: Beat G33kz
CD Name: Ben Yahu: Son of Yahuah
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