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on a boatArtist Name: Purpose
Song Name: B.M.F. ( I think I’m Abraham)
Produced by: Stompboxx Music
CD Name: Purpose (REBIRTH)
CD Release Date: 03/11/2011
Website: www.reverbnation/purposemusic
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THE SONG: This is my response to B.M.F. by Rick Ross. This is not about Rick Ross, but about the message that this songs sends.

THE ARTIST: Purpose is simply my rap name. I was born Jerry W. Phillips Jr. Born and raised in East Saint Louis, Il. I have been active in church since I was only 9 years old. I grew up in the Baptist church where I was ordained as a minister in 1998. Shortly after that I married my wonderful wife Cameo. In an attempt to provide for my wife and child, I decided to go into the navy. There I spent almost 2 years service actively as an information systems technician. During this time I was blessed to visit places like Columbia and Cuba. While traveling I was exposed to all sorts of drugs. I was seized by sin. After leaving the military, the drug addiction became worse.This went on for years until God stopped me in my tracks and planted me firmly in His will. As I grew spiritually in Him, my gift to play the piano and create beats grew as well. Through the guidance of Pastor Monty Weatherall (Big Mont) I was able to enhance my ability to produce and engineer. God used him to introduce me to Holy Hip Hop. Now my focus is to share my testimony with everyone I come in contact with. I want to take all that I have been through and presented it to people through Holy Hip Hop.

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