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[listen.] Reflect — ‘Hands on His Will’ ft. Noella B & Rock | @ireflect720

Reflect currently lives in Queens, New York by way of a few places. His father served in the Air Force, allowing Reflect the opportunity to live in a number of different regions throughout the United States, even spending some time overseas in Japan.

After completing college, he returned to the place he considered home, Wyandanch LI & began to focus more on his music. His parents were always honest with him regarding social issues & in his elementary years, he had already begun to write poetry and lyrics’ reflecting what was going on in society. Inspired greatly by his parents, who had a love & appreciation for music, in the early 90s he found himself submerged in the emerging genre of Hip Hop.

In high school Reflect was exposed to Christian Hip Hop by a youth pastor and in 2001 he met Victor Padilla-the founder of Holy Culture Radio. This relationship would build the foundation for Reflect as an artist; under Victors guidance he learned how to write and record professional songs.

Artistically, Reflect was inspired by the likes of the Cross Movement, Corey Red & Precise, Japhia Life, Eshon Burgundy, and a host of other biblically sound emcees. Padilla created the popular online platform- Holy Culture Radio Show in 2004 and in 2006 he put Reflect’s early works “This is That Rap” & “Heaven’s Playground” in heavy rotation. The two songs began to turn some heads in the Christian Hip Hop community. In 2009 he released the The Waves Mixtape to rave reviews and gave the project 4 out 5 stars.

After the waves Mixtape dropped in 09, Reflect stepped away from the industry for a while to grow in a more private light and refocus. In January 2011, Reflect came back and hit the rap scene hard with the hit single Brand New Day and released the video with Good Look Multimedia. The video premiered on Rapzilla and and started a buzz. After the release of his single & video, many have been eagerly awaiting the release of his album which dropped July 29th 2011. gave that project 4 out of 5 stars as well.

Reflect believes, first, that the origin of music and its intent points to the worship of God &Second, that music should edify the body of Christ and should reveal Christ to the lost. Reflect believes that Holy Hip Hop is not only an evangelistic tool used to reach the youth, but is an instrument to worship God first & foremost. It is also his belief that if we understand our musical gifts in this way, Christian artist aught never compete with each other – and the industry will work together for the mutual benefit of increasing God’s kingdom and the spreading of the gospel.

Reflect believes if we hold to these truths than artists within CHH will not compete, compare or feel threatened by the secular mainstream Hip Hop industry, but will surpass all expectations or standards set by man; for we would not be driven by the applause of man but rather the aim to please to God.

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