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Nevaeh is back with a brand new HOT Single called ‘Fire’ for 2012. Nevaeh has really expanded her talent in this bouncy track with her new style of Christian Rap.

About Nevaeh Angel:

Nevaeh’s Angel is a Singer/ Songwriter/Rapper/Actress/Tv Presenter based in South West London(UK) aged 23. Nevaeh likes to help against ‘Gun & knife Crime’ & ‘Say No To Drugs’ to help raise awareness to the youth of today through her music.

Nevaeh who has been given dreams and vision’s from God, starting from a very young age. Through this, Nevaeh believe’s that she has been led by God to minister to the youth, and to anybody else that listens to her music, by giving hope, faith and salvation while spreading the word of God. God said that we are all disciples, and that we must use the little that we have, no matter how small, to do his work.

” When the Devil tries to mess wid you…Tell him your filled with FIREE” / “The only person I have beef/trouble with is the guy downstairs”

Nevaeh comes from a family that has a very strong background in music. Her late grandmother was a Gospel Singer & Pastor and she had her own Ministry, where Nevaeh occasionally used to sing in the Praise & Worship team with her mother. This was the start of something new for Nevaeh, and she developed a taste for Gospel music and singing. Since that time she has started working on her Gospel Album “Living The Vision” which she aims to complete in God’s time. So far Nevaeh has recorded four of her songs that she has written, and is currently in the process of returning to the studio to complete her Album.

She is praying that God will continue to use her as a tool to reach out to the lost, and to shine light into all the dark areas of this world.

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