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Audio Leak: M.P.H. (Man Praisin Hard) “Love”

Published on August 22, 2009

MPH=Universal_Disturbance=200Artist Name: M.P.H. (Man Praisin Hard)
Song Title: Love
Audio Leak

Album Title
: Universal Disturbance
Brief Summery:  At age 11 there was no denying that Gospel hip hop artist M.P.H. had mad skills. With a voice that had not yet been through puberty, audiences were taking notice. It was apparent that M.P.H. had something to say. Though his style was totally committed to hip-hop, his lyrics were just the opposite. M.P.H. had found a way to express the good news of Jesus Christ in a way that made others pay close attention. The impact would challenge his peers, (teenagers, young adults and even seniors.) Yes thats right; audiences were being transformed from straight hip hop fans to the non-traditional gospel hip hop fans. Unfortunately, no one knew to what degree, but it was apparent people pastors, and artists were all taking notice. Although he had already been rapping, he began writing his lyrics at 11. It would be 2 years before his production skills would be manifested which would also be around the same time he would go through a major change. A few months later, fans were pleasantly surprised with a voice that sounded much more masculine than he looked at the time, that brought a delivery with power and authority that could not be ignored. Now the production of his music was also in process, but it would take a different road to be exposed. In the sixth grade, M.P.H. was introduced to the music instrument called the trumpet and began playing music with a band. Once he understood the basic concept of how to read music and how different notes made different sounds, M.P.H. began to self- teach himself. He was ahead of the class after just one semester, and he was clearly a great trumpet player. He began to experiment with the keyboard, and the drums just to name a few. Shortly after being recruited by the jazz band and several other clubs, M.P.H. found himself experimenting with different musical software. He was just looking for something to use so he could write to. He spent a lot of time requesting beats from friends, and other producers. He found that he really wanted to express his own unique style. After many requests, M.P.H. received a free new music creation software from a friend, and the rest is what we consider to be a new birth. Months later, M.P.H. would go on to create his hit single, Gospel Rollas, only to be followed by hits like Whatcha Goin Thru, Down South, and his latest, KABOOM. It was apparent that a producer, writer, and artist was here and demanding to be heard. M.P.H. has been able to do in a short time what some artist may never be able to do, and that is capturing the attention of both gospel and secular fans. Stay tuned because the best is still ahead.



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