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NWJ Ministries is based in Nashville Tennessee, and is operated by James Seaborn and Eli Culwell.  Both James and Eli are former secular rappers, who were not living for Christ, but through the grace of God, found their true calling to further the Kingdom through the music they love.  The Lord showed them this through their Pastor, Phil Gruita, and their church, Victory in Jesus Church.  Thus, NWJ Ministries was born.

While performing at churches all through the mid-state area, and even in other parts of the region such as: “Connect” in west Tennessee, and block parties all around the city of Nashville, NWJ came to realize the mission God had in store for them. Like many others, they new they had to use their gift to show the lost the way to Christ.

NWJ’s first appearance on a Christian album was on the Brotherhood Mixtape that was released in early 2009. The mixtape was put together to show a unity in Nashville and beyond with Christian Rappers, and also to show Diversity. NWJ is known for their eagerness and ability to work with others so the project was easy for them to be a part of.

NWJ Ministries mission is to do Christian rap to further the kingdom of Christ and to use the talents God has given them to help others develop a relationship with the Father.  In 5 years they hope that, through the blessings God grants them, NWJ Ministries will be widely recognized for putting God first and representing what the father is to many. The vision they were given was to create a movement that will glorify the Father and create new followers that will help carry the mission that they were given. One thing that NWJ realizes is that Christian Hip Hop it is not about their album sells or being the best rappers known to man, while they care about the craft and know that excellence matters, they want their focus to be very clear. They are here to bring souls to Christ through music.

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