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Audio Leak: Raw Dawg & Madd Judge “Humble”

Raw_Dawg_n_Madd_Judge=200Artist Name: Raw Dawg & Madd Judge
Song Name: Humble
Audio Leak
CD Title: Go Tell It
Bio: Antoine “Raw Dawg” Wilson and Romon “Madd Judge” Phillips have found their purpose. In 2006, on the eve of the release of what would become their last secular CD, Romon had an encounter with God. God told Romon that he should use his talents and gifts to bring souls into His kingdom. Like Jacob wrestling with the angel near the Jabbok River (Genesis 22-30), Romon agonized over this revelation for several days before he made the decision to change the focus of his music. When he informed Antoine of his transformation, Antoine initially resisted the idea of changing the duo’s focus to Christian rap music, but over a period of several months, God spoke to Antoine’s heart and soon he was on board with the new vision.

With the state of Hip Hop today, the world needs an antithesis to the negativity, degradation, and materialism that exists in rap music. Raw Dawg Madd Judge offers a more positive spin than their secular counterparts, but don’t get it twisted. They tackle real issues such as sex, drugs, violence and relationships just like the secular rappers do. The difference is that the duo not only touches upon these subjects, but they offer Godly solutions as well.

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