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There are some people who refuse to be compromised by the so-called standard, who rail against the predictable, people who refuse to wear the straitjacket of conformity. People for whom the word ‘rap’ is a way to speak the “heart core truth”…real-talk.

With his sound fusing a southern, dirty brand of hip-hop, Scott Free has emerged as a truly multi-dimensional, gifted artiste. He is a minister of the truth, and practices what he raps. Doing it all from rocking shows to mentoring the youth in the right way.

With his uncanny ability to straddle the sonic sound-scapes emanating from Atlanta, he has evaded normality and earned a reputation for heart-felt lyric writing, inspirational content, and intense music composition. A shrimp-n-grits, Waffle House “down south” vibe you can’t deny; Scott Free is serving a   full-course meal.

“My listener is anybody that can appreciate real-life music. I make music that’s fire! But has a message.”

The debut album/mixtape by Scott Free – “Thru the Fire” hosted by DJ Sean Blu has received great reviews and has already touched the hearts of many people. “Fire”, his single, is a blazing hot track containing all new material, incorporating elements of the dirty south to bring the truth in a way that will keep you bouncing.

Scott Free has a passion for God and compassion for God’s people. This young man’s compelling story touches the hearts of all who hear it. Formerly being in darkness, to walking in the light, Scott Free has seen and experienced everything from the street life to church and walking God’s blessing.

There are no limits in the world of Scott Free. He remains devoted to the Lord and his mission of taking his music to the world. Open your ears, crank up your radio, and prepare yourself. 

Mission Statement: Music that’s Fire, but has a message!

Slogan: We on Fire!

Projects and accomplishments: “Thru the Fire” mixtape hosted by DJ Sean Blu; Scott Free has a lead role as an actor in the music video “Gimme Dat” by Ambassador

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