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Audio Leak: Script “Wannabe” ft. Sauce

Published on August 22, 2009

Script=200Artist Name: Script
Song Title: Wannabe
Audio Leak

Album Title: I Rap Last
Brief Summery:  For SCRIPT “I Rap Last” is not just an album title it is a way of life. Hailing from Kansas City, Missouri Script has dedicated his life to evangelism, discipleship, and teaching. It was through these avenues and with this heart that he entered the rap scene. With the goal of building and encouraging Script pours out his heart on each track. Having a non-traditional introduction to Hip-Hop Script has a passion for rhyme schemes and is a student of the craft. He prides himself on the usage of diverse and entertaining rhyme schemes. Yet in every track he tries to deliver a message that can revolutionize lives.


President/CEO of The Corelink Solution and Holy Culture