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Free Mp3 Download: Seun Otukpe a/k/a S.O. “Love Is”

SO=200Artist Name: Seun Otukpe a/k/a S.O.
Song Title: Love Is
Audio Leak

Album: Bridgin’ the Gap
Release Date: Aug. 2009
Brief Summery: Deemed “the future” by his peers, Seun Otukpe a/k/a S.O. has his heart set to do the work of the Lord. Standing on what Paul told Timothy and not “despising the days of his youth” he uses rap (rhythm and poetry) as a tool of communicate the gospel.

In the past year S.O. has been featured in magazines such as Gospel Link and sites like UK and UB1. He has performed at events and festivals all around the world.

Closely linked with label UK Label Preacher Boy Music, S.O. has featured on tracks with leading UK gospel artists like Jahaziel, New Direction Crew, G.P, E Tizz and a whole host of other UK artists.

The future is still bright for S.O. he is currently studying Theology in Durham University, a subject that is very dear to his heart. “Studying theology is core for me… I want to bring the Word of God accurately”. So to think that this young man is only 20 and his eyes are fixed on the Lord gives one hope that there are still young people in this generation that have a heart for God.

S.O is working on an E.P with US Music Producer Brian ‘BattleAxe’ Shepherd entitled ‘Bridgin’ the Gap’. Available on Download August 09!!

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