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Audio Leak: The Incorruptible Alliance “Champion” ft. Merse, FS2, and Tera

Published on August 28, 2009

the_incorruptible_alliancefree_mixtapeArtist Name: The Incorruptible Alliance
Song Title: Champion ft. Merse, FS2, and Tera
Audio Leak

Produced by: Music Produced by Shadowville Productions & Exec Producer- Merse
Album: [INCORRUPTIBLE]*the e.p.
Release Date: In Stores

Brief Summary:  The Incorruptible Alliance, a crew composed of various solo artists from Incorruptible Records’ roster, decided to come together once again. Knowing that sometimes the weight of the world, with it’s pressures and temptations, can feel like it’s on your shoulders, I.A. decided to bless us with quite an inspiring number. The song is called ‘CHAMPION’ and features Merse, FS2, and Tera. Ripping it over a Shadowville Productions beat, featuring the dynamic vocals of Tera, and giving examples of real life Champions (some borrowed from our favorite text), I.A. hopes that you will be inspired to press through your circumstances and see yourself as a Champion. Let em hear you say “C-H-A-M-P-I-O-Nnnnnn!”



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