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Artist Name: Worship
Song Title: In Him We Live
Audio Leak

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Born and raised in the city of Philadelphia Worship whose real name is Darren McKoy is on a serious mission. His purpose in life is to teach the nation about the gift given to us by our heavenly father…his son Jesus Christ. At an early age Worship began attending church and learning about the gospel through Sunday school classes and church services. As Worship began to mature into a man he decided to do things his way and not let the Lord “Order His Steps.”
Worship hasn’t always done what God has told him to do, but Worship saw himself coming back to renew his fellowship with his heavenly father. It wasn’t until Worship met with fellow gospel rap artist “MainetheApostle” that he heard about “Holy Hip Hop.”
Worship now takes the talent that God has given him and is now using it to glorify his name. At different ministry functions Worship has ministered to many with songs like “God’s Son”[The Love Song], “Wage War Against The Devil”[Battle Song Against Satan], “Somebody Prayed For Me”[Testimony] and the ever powerful “Ought To Be A Difference”[The Message]. All have been blessed who have seen Worship minister at different christian events.The purpose behind the music that Worship does is not just for listening pleasure. It’s the antidote and a lifesaver for hip hop that’s been posioning the minds of young youth. The artist is not compromising with the worldy ways of hip hop but he’s using the hip hop format as his altar to reach the youth. Worship also states it’s to educate everyone that has an ear to hear of how awesome God is.  Now linked with the PMR Crew [Beridox, Neopythe, Setfree, Ril, Oellz, E-Daniels, & B-Ezy] Worship will be providing music projects to minister to souls that’s lost and be used as a vessel by God to return souls back to him.
His music is an alternative for parnets looking for an answer for a Hip Hop culture that has a stronghold on this world’s young youth. God has an calling on this brother’s life and you can hear it through the annoited power of his lyrics. Worship continues to ask God to use him as one of his chosen vessels to preach the gospel to the world. The artist says It’s not easy at times to walk as a child of God but he prays to his heavenly Father to help him in that area in his life

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