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Audio Leak: YB “Go Hard” featuring Goldie

Artist: YB featuring Goldie
Song: Go Hard

Audio Leak

19 yr old Brandon Coleman aka YB grew up in Sun Valley California with his younger siblings Michael Shepherd and Breanne Shepherd.  As years went by Coleman started to have an interest in music.  While in school he would often get in trouble because he would make beats with his pens and pencils on his desk and would often interrupt the class with his beat boxing.

As much as he got in trouble he continued to make beats but it got more obnoxious.  He first started writing songs in elementary.  He got his first music program from his uncle who also does music as well. He was into the producing era for a while and then picked up his writing skills once again. After writing a song he would usually ask his family their opinion, if they liked it then he kept it. More and more his family started liking his songs, and that’s when he was fully committed to becoming an artist.

Coleman went to church at Antelope Valley Christian Center, on a regular basis with his family. At first he didn’t care to learn about the word of God. One day at Sunday service Elder Fred Burns came and ministered to Coleman’s church and witnessed him perform his then hit single “Like A Tattoo.” Which is currently on the Holy Jamz/Permanent Muzik West Coast Muzik ‘From the Bay to LA” cd. During the service when Burns was preaching Coleman started feeling a little different. He felt as if a weight was literally lifted off his shoulders. He then realized that was God cleansing him of all his sins.

From that moment on Coleman has done countless songs for God. His main mission in life is to reach out to the non-believers and get them to follow Christ like he has. Coleman once said in an interview, “I just wanna minister the word of God. If people wanna hear it that’s fine, if not then that’s on them. Ima do what I gotta do whether they like it or not.” Coleman continues to write and produce music for himself and others such as Ya JaKetted and D.E.S. Starr. He is on fire for God and is ready to go out to the world and preach, so everyone watch out because YB is coming for you whether you like it or not!

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