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YNJ Entertainment aka Yahweh Nation JuuNo has just signed another artist to their label. Metaphorically speaking he’s an assasin for Yahweh. Didymus aka C-Sick, and sick he is. The delivery of medicated lyrics are like bullets that can pierce through the brain and go straight to the heart. Something like promethazine in the flesh, Didymus has a way of changing the actions of your brain.  Romans 12:2 says that we should not conform to the pattern of the world but be transformed by the renewing of our minds.  When he speaks its with much passion and motivation.  YNJ is here for the sick and we have just the prescription. So open wide and take your first dose of YNJ’s new artist Didymus.

His introductory track “The Reintroduction” is attached for your listening pleasure.

Artist: Didymus
Track: Reintroduction
Label: YNJ Entertainment (

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