Embracing Authenticity in the Music Industry with the Fearless Childlike CiCi

On this episode of Da Fixx, we had the pleasure of hosting up-and-coming female emcee Childlike CiCi who’s collaboration on Reach Records 2023 Summer Playlist, “Stay Low” with Reece Lache and Toyalove stole the summer. We’re talking the importance of being true to yourself, trusting God and navigating the music industry. Let’s dive in!

Personal Wins and the Business Side of the Music Industry

DJ Focus and Dice Gamble kicked off the conversation by discussing their personal wins and the business side of the music industry. DJ Focus shared his triumphs in understanding the business aspect of the industry and making sure to take the right business deals that align with God’s will. He emphasized the importance of building a strong team and network.

On the other hand, Dice Gamble expressed that she is winning at being herself and emphasized the importance of embracing one’s own identity. She believes that being true to oneself is a way to honor God.

A Positive Experience at Starbucks

DJ Focus then shared a positive experience he had at Starbucks. Despite a mistake made by one of the workers, he remained calm and had a great conversation with some local vendors and entrepreneurs. The manager of Starbucks noticed the mistake and apologized, offering DJ Focus a $25 gift card as a gesture of goodwill. DJ Focus sees this as a blessing and appreciates the favor shown to him. He also took the opportunity to mention that they would love to advertise Starbucks on their radio show.

Introducing Our Guest: An Up-and-Coming Female Emcee

We were excited to have an up-and-coming female emcee on the show. Dice Gamble expressed her admiration for the guest, describing her as a powerful and talented artist. She believes she can hold her own in any arena and praises her for being authentic and unapologetic in her music.

Childlike CC, shared her faith journey and how she transitioned from making secular rap to creating music that aligns with her Christian beliefs. She talked about the moment she realized the impact of her previous music and made the decision to switch genres.

The Power of Music and the Importance of Positive Influences

We discussed two songs from the playlist, “Stay Low” and “Mercy.” “Stay Low” is about the power of staying humble and having trust in God. We also discussed the importance of women in the genre and how they serve as role models for young women.

The conversation then shifted to the topic of bad company corrupting one’s character. We shared our perspectives on the importance of letting go of people who do not have one’s best interests at heart. We used the example of someone living with a negative influence and how it can hinder personal growth.

The Impact of Social Media and the Need for Conscious Decisions

We discussed the importance of being mindful of the content we consume on social media. Dice shared her experience of seeing inappropriate content from famous people on her timeline and how she adjusted her social media to reflect her true self. DJ Focus added that he had to let go of a group of friends who frequented strip clubs when he decided to change his life and get married.

Celebrating Resilience: Sha’Carri Richardson

Finally, we shifted the conversation to the recent Olympics and praised Sha’Carri Richardson, an American sprinter who won the women’s 100-meter race. We commended Richardson for her resilience and determination, noting her gratitude and humility in her achievements. We also discussed the backlash she faced for testing positive for marijuana and defended her against judgment.


In this episode, we learned about the importance of understanding the business side of the music industry, embracing one’s identity, and surrounding oneself with positive influences. We also celebrated the resilience of athletes like Sha’Carri Richardson and the power of music to inspire and empower. Thank you for tuning in, see you next episode and God bless.

Embracing authenticity in the music industry with Childlike CiCi
Reece Lache, Childlike CiCi, Toya Love and Lecrae on the set of their Stay Low video


The business side of the music industry (00:02:23) Discussion about understanding the business side of the music industry and making the right business deals.

Winning at being oneself (00:04:03) Embracing and celebrating one’s unique identity and being true to oneself.

Positive experience at Starbucks (00:04:48) Narration of a positive experience at Starbucks, where the worker made a mistake with the order but compensated by giving a gift card.

** DJ Focus’s admiration for an up-and-coming female emcee (00:08:12)** DJ Focus expresses his admiration for a talented female emcee Childlike CiCi who can hold her own in any arena.

Discussion on the negative influence of bad company (00:09:28) The host discuss how bad company can corrupt one’s character and the importance of distancing oneself from negative influences.

Introduction of Childlike CC and her faith journey (00:11:40) Childlike CC shares her faith journey, including her transition from secular rap to making music about Christ.

The journey of faith (00:18:13) Discussion about the personal journey of faith and the challenges faced when pursuing a different path aligned with God’s calling.

Getting into rapping (00:18:55) CiCi shares her early memories of writing stories, remixing songs, and participating in rap battles, which sparked her interest in rapping.

Changing the perspective of hip hop (00:23:47) CiCi discusses her mission to change the perspective of hip hop music, inspiring and empowering listeners with her Christian rap, and the need for the culture to continue growing.

The importance of women in the genre (00:31:06) CiCi discusses the significance of women in the music genre and their role as role models for young women.

Future projects and collaborations (00:32:29) CiCi reveals that she has a surprise EP and a collab EP coming out, as well as plans for her own solo album.

The impact of bad company on character (00:34:23) Dice Gamble and DJ Focus talk about the negative influence of bad company and the importance of letting go of toxic relationships.

Real friends who respect boundaries (00:39:26) Discussion about having friends who respect personal boundaries and understand the need for separation in certain situations.

Toxic relationships and the importance of cutting off negative people (00:41:55) Exploration of how some relationships can be toxic and how it is necessary to distance oneself from people who sabotage and bring negativity.

Trusting your intuition and cutting off unhealthy relationships (00:44:49) Emphasis on the importance of trusting one’s instincts and cutting off relationships that bring negativity and affect one’s well-being.

The importance of curating social media timelines (00:45:31) Discussion on adjusting social media timelines to reflect personal values and not following people who post content that goes against those values.

The impact of negative influences in social circles (00:46:26) Exploration of how hanging out with certain people can lead to engaging in negative behaviors and the importance of making conscious decisions to remove oneself from such circles.

The dangers of strip club culture and the need for self-control (00:48:06) Speaker shares personal experiences of going to strip clubs, the negative consequences of being in that environment, and the importance of making sober-minded decisions to protect relationships and avoid moral compromises.

The topic of DJ Focus’ personal growth (00:53:30) DJ Focus discusses the need to remove oneself from negative circles and the influence of others on one’s behavior.

Sha’Carri Richardson’s record-breaking win (00:54:46) Dice Gamble talks about Sha’Carri Richardson’s impressive victory in the women’s 100 meter race and her record-breaking time.

Details about Sha’Carri Richardson’s personal life (00:55:08) Dice Gamble reveals that Sha’Carri Richardson recently ended an abusive relationship and highlights her resilience and gratitude.