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Today was a great day. Took a lot of balancing though. We spent the night over my in-laws. I woke up @ 7:45 (that’s late for me) and prayed to God. I then read Isaiah on (mainly the scripture that says “my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts are higher than your thoughts…just like heaven is higher than earth). I then read excelsius’ devo he sent via e-mail about “silver is speech.” Very helpful considering I just rebuked a friend of mines yesterday.

We then went home and I met with a guy named Ben Dalton about a concert he’s facilitating that I’m participating in. We met at Ol Charley’s and he paid (whooopey!).

Next I went to Kroger (grocery store) to buy a few things. As I was in Kroger, a beat came to my head and I recorded it on my phone. I then went home and made that beat (it’s toooo official) and 2 others.

My mom called while I was making my 1st beat and said my Dad is in the hospital. So after dinner (I’m waiting for Charde to finish that now as I type this blog on my Blackberry and chill with my daughter in the living room) I’ma visit my dad. Then I gotta leave their and rap at a college! Whew! What a day.

God is good. Gotta stay faithful 😀 Gotta balance my time. God will be honored in that!

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