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Big Breeze talks faith, the music business and his CHH legacy.

Big Breeze drops in the Da Fixx to discuss new projects, collaborating with Scootie Wop, faith, the music business, and his CHH legacy.   

The Vert Mob member is in a trusting God season, going all in and even fasting.  When asked what that looks like for him, Breeze says emphatically, “I always try to practice praying before I pick up the phone.  The whole [month of] July, I haven’t even been rapping.  It’s like you know what, I’m just going to give you [God] this time.  I’m not going to record.  I need to be one with you [God].” 

Lessons he learned over the past few years have taught the singer/rapper never to get too comfortable.  “You never know what’s going to happen.  [You’ve got to] be ready for the next move.   And trust in Jesus!” 

A lover of the culture, Breeze says of his recording process in the studio, “No matter what, I just want to push the pen.  Push my creativity and try to think outside the box.  [I] try to do something new that will shock me…if we knock out 10 songs then we knock out 10, but if we do one good song, we do one good song.”  And regardless of whether his doing a song for him, Vert Mob, or a feature, Breeze is giving all he’s got on everything.  “One thing about it, my name is on it so that’s a part of me!”

When asked about the state of Christian Hip Hop, Big Breeze is happy about where it’s at sonically.  His only critique of the culture is, “we [need to] stop always looking at each other as competition. We’re really supposed to be better than the other side.   There’s not a lot of genuine love in this space.  But musically we’re good!” 

As an independent artist Breeze says he’s learned so much about the music business but especially the importance of reading your contracts.  “If you don’t understand it, get someone else to read it.  Know what you’re reading and know what you’re getting into.  Know what you’re getting on the back end and on the front end.” 

 What does he want his legacy to be?  Breeze wants to leave people with the only blueprint that matters; strong faith, “Stay humble!  Keep going.  Give it all you’ve got.  And no matter what the situation looks like, trust in God!” 

It’s an all-new Fire 10 Review Friday with DJ Focus and Dice Gamble. Grading on a 5-mic scale for bars and lyrics, message and delivery, beats and production and creativity and originality.  This week our industry vets are taking on songs by Detrick Hadden, China White, Porsha Love, Trip Lee, Dre Murray, Nobigdyl, Big Breeze, Toya Love, Loso, and  Sirius. 

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Big Breeze talks faith, the music business and his CHH legacy!
Big Breeze of Vert Mob

DJ FOCUS: Heard your testimony. A lot of people know your journey, but where does God have you right now?

BIG BREEZE: Man, I, I feel like he got me in a trusting season right now where it's like I gotta depend on him. Like, cause it's like one of them, you really don't know the next move. So I'm like, I gotta talk to him. I need to hear from you right now.

So it's one of them. I need to be all in with him. You. . That's what I feel.

DJ FOCUS: No, that's good. So even in that process, um, that he got, he has you, you know, just tuned into him, what does that look like for you on a daily, daily? Like, what's your spiritual regimen? How do you navigate through everything you got going for you?

BIG BREEZE: Man, I like first thing first. I always try to wake up. Like I've been trying to practice praying before I even pick up the phone. Like the whole July. I really haven't even been rapping. I had took a fast of off rapping. It's like, you know what I'm gonna. Give you this time I ain't gonna record you feel me?

Cause I need to be one to, for the next steps that's about to happen. So that's like praying in the morning, that's like watching devotional, listening to worship. Like just taking that time and just really like having that genuine love and conversation with God. You feel me? That's, that's, that's how it is for me.

DJ FOCUS: That's good. Do you guys, uh, you know, uh, amongst vert mob, do you guys have like your own like little Bible study time or devotional time or like a prayer call at any time?

BIG BREEZE: Yeah, we like, so with us though, we might like just drop a, uh, verse, verse of the day scriptures in group text. You feel me? We'll start a conversation off of stuff like that.

And you know, we always praying for each other constantly. Even if it's two or four of us when we get on the call, you know, we'll definitely pray for each other.

DJ FOCUS: No, that's good. So let, so, so with everything that's going on, man, what has this pandemic taught you? Man,

BIG BREEZE: man, our work, our life can change right under your feet.

Mm-hmm. , but also man, just, uh, I feel like don't get too comfortable in life. You feel me? Never know what's going to happen. Be ready for, uh, the next move and trust in Jesus. Of course.

DJ FOCUS: Yeah. Absolutely. Absolutely. I agree. Uh, I think we are in a stage where we gotta trust him more because everything else that we thought was going to be For sure, for sure.

Listen, it, it's, it's not a for sure anymore. facts, not facts. So let's talk about this music, man. Listen, man, you've been, you've been putting out some real bangers, man, and, and what I love about you, man, you mix it up, man, you gonna keep the people thinking, man, like, hold on. Is he gonna sing? Is he gonna rap?

You know what I'm saying? talk about. Talk about your creative process, man. When you go into the studio, um, do you have to hear the track first? Do you write first? What does that look like? How do you get your inspiration and what does your creative process look like? Man,

BIG BREEZE: first man, you know, we go in the studio.

I gotta have some snacks though, like some, uh, some little candy or something just to just, you feel me? To keep me going. But you know, I always let the producer cook up when he cook up. Then we take it from there. Um, I try to write sometimes on, write a lot, but, you know, uh, we just feel the beat and go, go off of that.

DJ FOCUS: Man. Listen, you, you, you, you killed me with the snacks. I'm over here like man, baby d No you didn't. Gimme the baby D line, .

BIG BREEZE: Gotta have the snacks man. I'm

DJ FOCUS: life about all the good snacks.

BIG BREEZE: man. Lifesavers saved my life in that man for real.

DJ FOCUS: Right, so, so you gotta hit the track first. You go in there and you just kind of create, um, is there a certain amount of like songs you looking to get out every time you go in the studio or is you just kinda play that by ear two as well?

BIG BREEZE: That one time ear, last part.

DJ FOCUS: So like even when you go in the studio, so I hear you say, you know, you just go in the studio, you like to create once you hear the sound or the beat production wise. But like I'm saying, are you looking to make just like hot single every time you go in or are you looking to create like a EP or talk about that?

BIG BREEZE: Oh man, when I go in there, bro, it's just, I never know. Sometimes it can be on the EP vibe or sometimes it can just be, I just be in there trying to create a hit every time, no matter what. I just wanna just push the pen, like push my creativity, like try to think outside the box, try to do something new that shock me.

That be like my process, like every time I'm, I'm in there, and if we knock out 10 songs, we knock out 10. But if we make one good song, we do one good song. It just always up in. .

DJ FOCUS: So how do you, how do you, um, know which verses you gonna keep for yourself and which verses you use for your squad for vert mob? Like how do, what does that look like?

BIG BREEZE: What you mean? Like I feel like, bro, everybody get the same verse. Like, I don't never just separate verses. I always try to kill everything I'm own.. Like I always try to. Murder everything. If you trying to do it, get a big breeze feature. I'm gonna give it all I got ain't I? I don't try to just keep the good verses for me.

Cause one thing about my name on it. So that's a part of me.

DJ FOCUS: No, that's real. No, that's real. No, yeah, I was just asking cuz I ain't know if you know you, you go in there like, oh, that might sound good if you know God, Finn and Wop on that one. Oh no, ain't get like that. You see what I'm saying? Like, I, I don't know.

When you go and create, you know what I'm saying?

BIG BREEZE: It get like that, it do, it do certain traps where it. Actually put the gang on this one. Cause that'll go crazy if I put them on there. But it, I don't know it, it really ain't no explaining that one. It just naturally happens. Like you just get that feel from the trap.

Like this gonna be either me or this gonna be the guys. So

DJ FOCUS: what do you think, man, in your humble opinion is missing right now? Man in Christian hip hop?

BIG BREEZE: Man, I feel like we, as far as like music wise, I feel like we all, I feel like we had a good space. I don't think we really missing nothing because the sound is there.

I feel like if we like stop always trying to look at each other as competition though, like if we really supposed to be better than the other side, that's what's, that's really missing. Like that genuine love I feel like. There's not a lot of genuine love in this space. Like it's always somebody looking to get something outta something like stuff like that.

But other than, I think musically we, we good. Like I feel like you got, you got the trap, you got the rage, you got the singing, you got the pop. You like, we got it all. It's nothing. You feel if we need nothing.

DJ FOCUS: Oh, that's good. I agree. I think it's a lot of, a lot of sounds within Christian hip hop. Um, what, what have you learned on the business side though, by you being, you know, pretty much independent, you know, you, you have to be your own major, you gotta move your own, you know, music yourself.

What have you learned on that side, the business side?

BIG BREEZE: Man reading them contracts though. And if you don't understand it, to get somebody else to read them. But also, you feel me, like especially when the money involved and like financials, just know what you know, what you reading, know what you getting into, know what you getting on the back end.

Know what you getting on the front end. And also like build relationships. Like relationships go a long way, you feel me? Even, you know, even with you, like I'm like, you know, still shout out to you for that looking out. I still love, bro, so absolutely. That's the free game I can give.

DJ FOCUS: No, I agree. I I tell the people all the time, you, you have to network.

You have to make connections and, and to, to, to your point. Look out for me. I look out for you. It should be a brotherly or sisterly love brother, sister love. However it is. And I think that's something we don't do enough is, uh, stay united and help each other out. So. No, absolutely. I told you, if you need me, hit me, bro.

I ain't, I ain't funny like that man. I know where I come from, bro.

BIG BREEZE: Facts for real. Yeah, this man really looks out like dead for real, man. That was love.

DJ FOCUS: Listen, cuz somebody did it for me. So I ain't gonna act like I've got to this place. Um, through the grace of God, you know, uh, I can say that I'm a stellar award winner now, and, uh, people helped me to achieve that stellar award.

I didn't just get that on my own. And anybody who tell you they just did it by theyself is lying so . It's always somebody love you, right. Right. You need a team. You need people to build with, you need people to connect with. So, yeah, absolutely. I'm glad you got that young man. Continue to walk in that.

Listen, uh, I know you got your, your squad Vert Mob, but if you had to pick two artists, dead or alive, that would come on a big breeze project. Any genre of music? What two artists would you pick,

BIG BREEZE: man? Yes sir. I'll do something with, I'll do something with, uh, I do Kodak. And I dang. The last one hard is between two on it.

Be either, it gotta be between either Future or Thug man. It gotta be between them two.

DJ FOCUS: I I knew you was gonna say future. I, I was like, you

BIG BREEZE: got man.

DJ FOCUS: Hey, that's a trap. Classic, man. That's all I can say. That's a trap. Classic, bruh. . On God. For real. Listen, when it's all said and done, man, what's that one piece of advice, man?

You want to leave with somebody, man. Maybe an inspiring artist or just something that you want people to remember. Who Big Breeze was, his music, his legacy, what he represented. What would be that one last thing you would tell people?

BIG BREEZE: Man, stay humble. Keep going. Give it all you got no matter what the situation look like.

Trust in God and just be 10 toes down. Just stay down, man. For real.

DJ FOCUS: Listen, that's good. Listen. Talk about this new music, man. Uh, I, I saw this video, man. And uh, I say, man, my man. When, when, when, when Texas on me and, uh, he, he, he went all the way out, man. I mean, he got the Durango boots on, got the hat on. I was like, what's going on?

So, talk about this new music and the inspiration behind this new music.

BIG BREEZE: Man. So we was, uh, I think like towards the beginning of this year, me and, uh, a producer of j Bosky man, we was just, he was, he was making like rage type of beats and I was like, man, we gotta go to rage. I gotta, I gotta do something like that.

I always play like that. Let's really do something different. So we end up, like we was cooking up at church actually, like literally cooking up every night. I think like two, three days. We cooked up the whole project Breezy outta here, like I'm some different, I said, bro, we got, I gotta come different.

Cause I don't want people to put me in just this one pocket like, I know my range. So we was just cooking the Rage project and I started liking it. Um, liking the sounds, cause all the sounds is just so different on it. Breezy outta here. And then we got to the, I think Texas, actually I was like one of the second to last ones we actually did to wrap up the whole ep.

And, uh, with that one man, it was just a story. About, it's really like about me going to Texas and I was dealing with some stuff as I was leaving Texas, so it was just like, man, I don't want to go back cause I ain't gotta get outta here. And it just started getting real crazy. But it also was like, dang, the guitar led to a country vibe and you know, Texas already country.

So we just wanted. Go in that space and like actually bring people into my life. I bring people into my life and then once we did the video, I said, we gotta, we gotta have it a country field. It wouldn't make sense to not have no horses in this thing. You feel me? It just got that feel already. Plus it's Texas astronaut.

I was on the plane, so I felt like a astronaut. It was just, man, it just made sense to do it like

Vert Mobs Big Breeze talks faith, the music business and his CHH legacy with Da Fixx!
Big Breeze, Vert Mob


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