Big George Foreman: A Life of Faith, with Actor Khris Davis and Director George Tillman Jr.

Are you looking for a movie that will inspire you to persevere and never give up on your dreams? Look no further than “Big George Foreman,” the inspiring movie about the life of the legendary boxer, pastor, and businessman.

Actor Khris Davis

Two of the major players involved in the project shared their thoughts on what drew them to George Foreman’s story. Actor Khris Davis, who plays George Foreman in the movie, was particularly inspired by Foreman’s transition from a heavyweight fighter to a man of faith. Davis himself grew up in the church and found playing this role required him to lean into his faith more.

But playing the role of George Foreman was not just about faith – it also required intense physical training. Davis had to train for five to six hours a day, fluctuating his weight to match different stages of Foreman’s life. He gained 50 pounds to play the older version of Foreman!

Director, George Tillman, Jr.

Director George Tillman Jr. faced his own challenges while making the movie, including the pandemic and other obstacles. But he learned to keep pushing and believing in himself and his faith. Tillman Jr. hopes that audiences will take away the message of perseverance and not letting others dictate what they can and cannot do.

The movie’s message is particularly relevant in light of recent comments made by Don Lemon about women over 40. George Foreman’s life and achievements prove that age should not be a limiting factor in achieving success.

So, if you’re looking for a movie that will inspire you to push through obstacles and pursue your dreams, “Big George Foreman” is definitely worth checking out. Don’t miss out on the inspiring story of one man’s journey from heavyweight fighter to man of faith.

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Actor Khris Davis who plays George Foreman in the film Big George Foreman
Director George Tillman, Jr.