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BIRDGAME!!! I Got One of Them Bags!










Hey!  I’m pooped (don’t you love that word?  Poop.  Just say it out loud and laugh your heart out!).  It has been a looooong day!  A good 1 doe.  Let me explain.

I woke up at 6:30am, prayed, read some Word on, and then read curriculum 1 on for the 55th time.  I literally have raps for that entire curriculum to help me remember the scriptures.  I may record them without Reach’s permission 1 day :).  The videos on their site to promote the DWYL Tour are ridiculously STOOPID, Stupid!  FUNNY STUFF!

2 words took up the next 4 hours of my life.  PRINTER TROUBLE!  WHEEEEEW!  HALLELOOOOOOYA!  I had to make some CDs for a few supporters who recently bought some of my older CDs (Road to Glory Mixtape, 14 2 Life, Non-Fiction, etc.).  I don’t get these CDs manufactured like my latter albums such as Behind the Glory & BoomBaptism.  Rather I make them with Memorex software, etc.  

So here’s the issue(s)…

1.  My PC is so low on memory/hard drive space (I think a virus messed that up like 3 years ago, lol) that I’m scared to install any major new programs on it!

2.  My Mac (that just crashed) is not compatible with any of the CD labeler software that I have on my PC (now are you starting to see the problem(s), lol?

3.  My PC Laptop (I promise this is the last computer) has a serious shortage in either the power cord or the ac input!  

So the computers that can use the software are too shaky for me to try to use them on it and the Mac doesn’t want anything to do with my CD labeler software 🙁  It’s all to the good doe!

Finally, the Lord allowed me to realize that one of my HP applications that came with my Printer has templates for Memorex CD face printouts!  Hallelooya, this solved half of the problem!  However, I could not print a CD insert the size of the CD case for nothing!  They all printed out 4 times bigger!  Finally, I thought to scan the insert and just print as is!  That ended up working.

I then went to the post office to mail the CDs people ordered as well as some CDs to DJ Noble in Virginia Beach and Josh @ Sphere of Hip Hop!  I went to Kroger again to pick up some juice, oatmeal for Naima, and some batteries for my portable CD player that I use to play music in my car (I don’t have a deck like you rich people!!!).  😀  

I finally got home, made Naima some oatmeal and went upstairs to make my friend B. Dangerous a beat(remember her from Serious Series 2 “Crazy Praise”?).  Well, she’s working on her first solo (she now lives in San Diego) album and she asked me to do 2 beats.  I made 1 she liked yesterday and I made 1 she LOVED today titled “Never Fail Me.”  I sampled the part where I say “God will never fail me” on my song “Wheww!!!” from “Behind the Glory.”  I thought about not giving up that beat!  I hope she features me on it!

We then met 1 of our Married Couple friends Maurice and Candace for lunch @ Red Lobster.  They brought their son Leonte & we brought Naima.  We had a blast!  

We left their, I dropped the ladies off, and I went to go volunteer for CeaseFire Cincinnati at the Boys & Girls club in 1 of the roughest hoods in Cincinnati called Avondale.  We did a presentation for them.  I performed my song “Man of Steel” from the CeaseFire Cincinnati EP I made in 2007 and then I introduce Gun Violence Victim Margaret Long and the man who shot her, Arthur Phelps (yep!  you read that right).  Talk about forgiveness!  They told their testimony.  It was powerful.  The only problem is I never have enough CDs to pass out for free to them kids.  Somebody sponsor me!

I left their to go to my hood, Price Hill to volunteer and do Basketball ministry with my church. That’s when the drama starting going down!  As soon as I pulled up, I saw my Pastor looking highly upset.  He had just kicked a kid out of basketball ministry for being EXTREMELY disrespectful to his face. I really think I scared him off, lol.  I didn’t even bring my basketball clothes b/c I was super late this time since I had to rap (I normally don’t rap on Wednesdays).  However, I came in and over 80 kids were their!  I kid you not!  That’s the most we ever had.  They insisted that I play, and the true hooper in me influenced me to play in a long sleeve and black jeans!  Wow, I was BLAZIN (BUT AMAZIN!)!!  We won all 3 games!  1 guy that never been to basketball ministry before kept calling me the “Teeter Totter Man.”  Obviously he heard my music before.  He said I rapped at his church a few times!  How all these people know me and my music but I’m still poor?  (this is an exaggeration, but still…Help a bruva!).

I then had to drop off 3 kids that attended.  This is when things get really juicy for me!   1 kid saw his buddies and hollered out the window “BG!”  I thought that stood for “Baby Gangstas” or something (which I already was thinking was superWHACK!).  Come to find out it stands for “BIRDGAME!”  What?!?  Now kids are hollering out rap clicks as their own?!  How lame is that!?  Then the same kids were being noisy and noticed I had a paper bag in my car.  It was a coupon for White Castles that gives the owner 3 free cheeseburgers, fries and a drink.   Good deal.  Why was I the only person in the car that just found out about this 4 hours before the free promotion ended.  It’s been going on since Tuesday!

I dropped them off, went to Burger King and got the most unhealthiest whopper I could find on the menu!  Got home, got the 64 oz welch’s pomegranate out the fridge and guzzled up!  

I just got finished watching LOST!  One of the best episodes ever!  

Now I’m here, typing.  After I finish this, I’ma hit up digidesign for some mercy in hopes that they’ll give me a free authorization code for my Pro Tools so I can mix this Air Jordan Remix.  I’m hoping to release it on March 9th!

(sidenote:  why are these girls so loud outside my apartment??  GHETTO!)

Tomorrow should be a easier day.  I’m going to make a few beats, take my dad to the doc, and take my family along with some more friends of ours out to the Circus!  yeah, we’re going to the circus! (what up Cy!?)

CONCLUSION:  To much is given, much is required.  we have a lot of responsibility as Christians to manage our time the best way we can.  To spend time with family and put them before ministry, but not to undermine the labor that needs to be accounted for by us.  And when we grow weary in the midst of the work, let’s keep these scripts in mind…

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”- Joshua 1:9

Isaiah 40:31
but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

Now that’s what I call “BIRD GAME!!!”  Put it in the bag.  


I’m out!


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