Bizzle’s Unfiltered Truth: Hip Hop’s Manipulation & His Commitment to Making a Difference

In this episode, we discuss various topics including hip hop culture, mind control, and the state of marriages within the Christian community during the pandemic. Bizzle shares his journey as an artist, his criticisms of mainstream hip hop, and his commitment to making a difference in the genre. The conversation also delves into the importance of controlling one’s thoughts, aligning them with God’s word, and the role of music in shaping thoughts and actions.

The Power of Prayer and Guarding One’s Thoughts

Our conversation kicked off expressing their gratitude for another day to fulfill their purpose. We encouraged listeners to deepen their relationship with God through meaningful conversations and prayer. The real talk topic of the day was mind control and the importance of guarding one’s thoughts, a concept backed by Matthew 26:41.

We were thrilled to have Bizzle, an artist from God Over Money, join us for the spiritual detox segment. His impact on the Christian hip hop genre and his ability to challenge listeners through his music is commendable. We discussed his latest project, “Light Work Volume 3,” and expressed our excitement about discussing music, hip hop culture, and the state of the church with him.

The Impact of the Pandemic on Christian Marriages

The conversation took a turn towards the impact of the pandemic on marriages within the Christian community. We observed many kingdom marriages crumbling during the pandemic and pondered why this might have happened. The enemy has intensified his attacks on marriages in general, and the pandemic, with its isolation and lack of social interaction, contributed to depression and anxiety, which in turn affected marriages.

Bizzle’s Journey in the Music Industry

Bizzle shared the challenges he faced early on in his career, where people tried to pressure him into dissing others in his songs. He emphasized his refusal to be controlled by anyone except God and his determination to follow His lead.

The State of Hip Hop

As we celebrated the 50th anniversary of hip hop, Bizzle admitted that he has fallen out of love with mainstream hip hop. He criticized the genre for promoting death, hypersexuality, and drug use, which he believes leads people down a destructive path. Despite his criticisms, Bizzle acknowledged the power of hip hop as a tool to reach people and expressed his commitment to making a difference in the genre.

Bizzle’s Interactions with Mainstream Artists

We also discussed Bizzle’s interactions with mainstream artists. While he has had some conversations with them, he emphasized the importance of building relationships and understanding others before passing judgment.

The Power of Music and Lyrics in Shaping Our Thoughts

The conversation then shifted to the main topic of the episode, which is conquering ungodly thoughts. We discussed the importance of being mindful of the thoughts that enter our minds and how they can influence our actions. We talked about the need to take breaks from certain media and entertainment that may trigger ungodly thoughts.

Controlling Our Thoughts and Aligning Them with God’s Word

We emphasized the importance of controlling our thoughts and aligning them with God’s word. Our thoughts can lead us astray and cause our lives to spin out of control if we don’t have God as our guide. We discussed how successful people can hit a brick wall when they become out of control and how God sometimes takes everything away to refocus them.

The Importance of Recognizing and Controlling Our Thoughts

We reflected on the importance of recognizing and controlling our thoughts. We emphasized the difference between being tempted and dwelling on ungodly thoughts, urging listeners to examine their thoughts based on God’s word and replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

In conclusion, this conversation emphasized the importance of controlling our thoughts, filling our minds with positivity, and staying focused on God’s word and purpose. It also highlighted the impact of music in spreading the gospel and encouraged listeners to support Bizzle‘s music and upcoming tour.

Bizzle's Unfiltered Truth: Hip Hop's Manipulation & His Commitment to Making a Difference
Bizzle with wife and kids
Bizzle's Unfiltered Truth: Hip Hop's Manipulation & His Commitment to Making a Difference


** Real Talk: Mind Control (00:02:27)** Discussion on the importance of guarding one’s mind, controlling thoughts, and avoiding ungodly thoughts.

Spiritual Detox: Bizzle’s Music (00:04:34) Conversation about the impact of his music on the speaker’s spiritual journey and the influence of Christian hip hop.

** Miles Minnick’s Glochella Event (00:06:31)** Discussion about Glochella event being shut down and the potential issues with using the Coachella brand name.

The pandemic’s impact on marriages (00:09:24) Discussion on why many kingdom relationships crumbled and experienced divorces during the pandemic.

The importance of mental health and therapy (00:14:50) The significance of therapy and counseling in maintaining mental health, especially during the pandemic.

The church and entertainment-driven culture (00:17:04) Exploration of whether the church has become more focused on entertainment rather than teaching the Bible, with a mention of influential voices in the church.

The state of hip hop (00:22:10) Disappointment in the current state of hip hop, stating that it is controlled by influencers promoting negative content.

Building relationships with mainstream artists (00:26:19) Bizzle discusses his experiences in building relationships with mainstream artists and trying to minister to them through conversations.

Challenges of walking away from fame and money (00:28:33) Conversation about the difficulty of letting go of his secular music career and the sacrifices that come with walking away from fame and money.

The inspiration behind Light Work Three (00:30:11) Bizzle discusses the motivation behind his project, Light Work Three, and the shift in tone from his previous album, Solo Therapy.

Collaborating with Miles Minnick and Fatman Scoop (00:33:29) Bizzle talks about working with Miles Minnick and Fatman Scoop on the song “No Ales” and the process of bringing the collaboration together.

Working with his kids on “Feel My Cup” remix (00:35:32) Bizzle shares his experience working with his children on the remix of “Feel My Cup” and how their musical talents have been evident from a young age.

The timestamp’s title (00:39:40) Bizzle’s song being blocked and his response to it. Bizzle talks about his song being blocked and his reaction to it, including reaching out to the company for answers.

The timestamp’s title (00:40:59) Real Talk conversation about conquering ungodly thoughts. The speakers discuss the power of thoughts and how they can control our actions, as well as strategies for conquering ungodly thoughts.

Thoughts and self-condemnation. (00:43:59) The speakers explore the topic of having thoughts that may be considered inappropriate and the tendency to condemn oneself for having those thoughts. They discuss the importance of casting down negative thoughts and seeking forgiveness.

Thoughts and Control (00:48:38) Discussion on the importance of controlling our thoughts and the consequences of letting them spiral out of control.

Satan’s Power and Thoughts (00:51:12) Exploration of the belief that Satan knows our thoughts and the realization that only God truly knows our hearts and thoughts.

Conquering Ungodly Thoughts (00:54:33) Focus on using scripture and spiritual understanding to control and conquer ungodly thoughts, as well as the impact of the company we keep on our thoughts.

The thoughts that honor God (00:57:22) Discussion on committing works to the Lord and having thoughts that glorify God in all aspects of life.

Guarding your thoughts and actions (00:58:08) Importance of monitoring and covering one’s thoughts and actions to avoid being double-minded and unstable.

Dependence on God and controlling thoughts (01:03:48) Emphasizing the need for reliance on the Holy Spirit, prayer, and controlling thoughts to avoid making poor choices and staying on the right path.

Taking Control of Your Thoughts (01:06:44) Discussion on the struggle of ungodly thoughts, mind control, and the importance of examining and replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts and scripture.

Bizzle’s Transition to Kingdom Music (01:10:19) Highlighting Bizzle’s decision to transition from mainstream music to music for God’s glory, and the release of his album “Light Work Volume 3”.

The Winning Prescription and New Music Releases (01:12:14) Promotion of the “Winning Prescription” segment, featuring friendly competition and new music releases, including Swoop’s new music from Akron, Ohio.