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This week on The Nifty Christian Radio Show, Nifty & Kay C try to get to the root of the anger caused by black/white interracial relationships.


* If love has no color, why do black/white
interracial relationships cause so much anger?

* Do black men have the right to be angry
when they see black women and white

* What about black guys dating white girls?

* Nifty & Kay C break it down!

The More-Talk Hour

Liya – Come Home
Nifty & Kay C welcome and introduce topic of the week
Promise ft. Montell Jordan – Black Woman
Nifty & Kay C talk about potential theories that cause the ‘anger’
Relic ft. Shad – Count Your Blessings
Nifty & Kay C talk about the different ‘types’ of black people and self examination
Andale – Tearz of a Clown
Nifty & Kay C talk about relationship priorities
Katalyst – Goodbye

The More-Music Hour

Relic – Anitdontstop
Dinahsty – 2am
Ambassador – Jesus
Willie Will – Batman
Manafest – Free
Bobby Bishop – Please
Eleesha ft. Xplicit – I Miss You
Nifty Kay C introduce next week’s topic
NevaHurd – Run
Mark Arthur – Get Up
JR ft. T.R.U.T.H. – Ridaz
Shad – The Old Prince Still Lives at Home
Nifty & Kay C say goodnight
Sizzle – Sayin’ Something

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