Blayne Movetheword – Calling on Your Name

This is a truly remarkable Christian hip-hop song. You’ll notice that the beats and the vocals in the song are very mellow and very smooth sounding. It’s not as upbeat as a lot of the other songs that are out there. This song is very emotional and very moving. It is about calling on the name of God and calling on the name of Jesus, and how they can get us out of situations in life.

That is the kind of message that we need to hear especially, nowadays. Musically, the song is phenomenal, as well as the video. The music and the vocals are just absolutely amazing. Blaine really gives his heart and soul in this performance.

He is involved with Move the Word Ministries, they help to spread the gospel message all around the globe. They have a website that you can visit to book them as well as stay informed of upcoming events and music debuts.

This track is the latest one to be released by him. Blaine is a talented individual who uses his musical talents to share the gospel message. He does so in an incredibly powerful way. As it is put in the comments on this video, there’s no more powerful name to call upon than the name of God, and this song is a testament to that.