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Blessed Story Ft. Jody – Talkin To You

Blessed Story Ft. Jody team up to deliver a deep candid message to all those on the wrong path in life to change their ways. There is a lot of encouragement here that God has a plan for all our lives with redemption in sight.

More About the Project

HOUSTON, Texas, October 9, 2020: Blessed Story, a musical artist, film producer, clothier, and founder of Tell the Truth Ministries, today announced the December 20 launch of his latest album: “Examine Myself,” his new release that promises to speak to the heart of those seeking direction and spiritual nourishment in 2020.

“Our two teams have done an outstanding job in just six months developing a range of new and exciting platforms that will extend the global reach of Blessed Story, from his music to his clothing brand and mission work in the community,” said Joshua Vallaire, Jr., Head of Strategic Business Units, Marketing, Sales and President of Vallaire Enterprises. "Blessed Story has one of the most endearing life stories that people need to hear," he added. In the coming days, Vallaire Enterprises will start rolling out Blessed Story's new album and clothing products in several markets across the U.S. Customers around the world will be able to enjoy the story of a young man's rise from the rough streets of Flint, Michigan to Houston, Texas. “We are very pleased to be able to share his movement across the city of Houston and furthermore, across digital platforms, to include the Vallaire Brand,” said Joshua Vallaire, Jr. “Today’s announcement further extends the global reach of Blessed Story's brand as we expand into new channels as part of his global movement.”

Born in Little Rock, Arkansas, Blessed Story was given up as an infant by his biological mother and reared by Sandra Baker, a distant aunt. Before turning one year old, his adopted family had left Arkansas for Flint, Michigan, where a new church family awaited them. As a witness to the endearing love of God, Blessed could be found at worship every Sunday in church, but the love of family would center his mind toward something missing in his life. And when his adopted mother informed him that she was not his birth mother, Blessed spiraled into a sordid lifestyle marked by rebellion, and hurt.

Adopted by the streets, Blessed became leader of a gang that fell in and out of trouble. By age seventeen, one of his best friends died, leaving Blessed despondent since he felt partly responsible. With his head hanging down, Blessed found the grace to fall on one knee to pray, and that talk with God provided a vision that heeded his calling:

“Travel the world with your testimony. Tell the truth. And warn others of the dangers and peril that awaits a life in the streets.”

Today, Blessed Story is also known as Minister Lewis. He preaches the gospel at churches, schools, homeless shelters, recovery houses, soup kitchens, and on radio and television. Over 25,000 copies of his music has made it into the hands of listeners. Founder of Tell the Truth Ministries, Blessed reaches the hearts of today’s youth with youth programs designed to win souls for the Kingdom of God. He employs youth through his entrepreneurial and music endeavors.

Following his vision from the Lord, Blessed Story, also affectionately known as Minister Cornelius Lewis, believes that all things are possible through Christ. And he is on a mission to reach as many ears that will listen. To develop changing minds, Blessed Story is committed to guiding today’s youth through positive engagements designed to take them from a life of darkness.

Examine Myself, the title of his new release, contains three singles that… “Never Fold is a record that…”

Just as his aunt did for him, giving him a chance to connect the dots in life to find their worth.

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