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imageShai Linne has released his latest album, Lyrical Theology Part 1: Theology and it is sure to be a conversation starter. This is a no nonsense theological position statement set to classic boom-bappin’ which will cause debate; especially with two songs set back to back: Fal$e Teacher$ and The Millennium.

​This is not a review of the album. I’m writing to all who understand what Shai is doing with this album; those who understand the importance of theology and proper doctrine. The American Church is in crisis because of an aversion to theology and proper doctrine. This album can be a great tool for engagement with people lost within the church. But we must show the love of Christ as we enter this debate.

​You can already see some of the debate on discussion boards and twitter. Some are upset that Shai would call out people by name seeing this act as something Jesus would never do and more appropriate for a Pharisee. Others are defending the ones who were called out. ​

One of my favorite portions of scripture is the story of King Josiah. I’m always shocked by the fact that the Book of the Law was lost inside the temple. The priests ministered incorrectly and the people worshipped other gods in vain because they knew not the scriptures. When the Book of the Law was found, King Joshua immediately enquired of a prophetess to verify the information. King Josiah repented and reformed the Nation of Judah according to the Word.

​I want to go on record and say that Shai is 100% correct on every name mentioned. I also want to say that if you un-lovingly confront an immature believer who is hurt or confused by this song and turn an opportunity for growth into an argument, you are 100% wrong. Before you respond to a comment or tweet, pray that the Holy Spirit uses this song to edify and to correct our brothers and sisters. Pray that the deceived are rescued from these false teachers and pray for salvation for those who have never heard the Gospel all the while sitting in packed arenas doing Christ Lite. ​

​I ask that as people are confronted by hard truths through Shai Linne’s music, you can guide them with the Word into repentance and reformation for God’s glory.

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