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[blog.] The Culture…featuring @WadeoRadio, @PastorMark, @MettaWorldPeace and more

Published on December 5, 2012

Hey there.

So, I figured I’d experiment with something. Many of you folks like hip hop. That’s a good thing, I do too! But you guys also like stuff that isn’t hip hop. That’s cool too! I mean, that would be weird, like, if all you did was listen to Christian hip hop all day. You don’t wanna be weird, do you?

Of course not.

But if you’re a CHH junkie, I still got loves for yas. That brings me to this. Why not highlight some of the happenings of life in Christian hip hop and beyond it. Stuff you’ve probably heard, would like to hear, and should know. And also funny stuff (you do see the MWP headline, right?)

It’s like the BuzzFeed for Christian Rap artists and their groupies!

Aight, welcome to The Culture.

Friend of the site, and overall beast DJ Wade – O got his team together to write a fantastic piece on the top-10 lyricists in our scene. In my humble opinion, drop Corey Red and Sho (both rappers I *love* so don’t start beef where there aint),  add Odd Thomas and Stephen the Levite and you’d basically have my list. Great read.

Mark Driscoll, prominent pastor of Seattle’s Mars Hill Church, had a nice series of thoughts on Lecrae and the Unashamed Tour. Word to everything he said, go out and support Reach Records. NO NOT ILLEGALLY DOWNLOAD I SAID SUPPORT.

Metta World Peace, LA Lakers forward and all around hilarious person, is a gift that keeps on giving. I’ve replayed this video no less than 20 times since finding it, LOL-ing every time. Watch his unique brand of insanity pop up in this Youtube interview with the Los Angeles Times. I’m thankful for Jesus Christ too, Ron-Ron. I think Jesus is brilliant too, Ron Ron.

On a more serious tip, loved this short post by Jared C. Wilson. He’s a Vermont based pastor, as well as the author of Gospel Wakefulness, Your Jesus is Too Safe and the popular blog The Gospel Driven Church. He simply collected a bunch of “first photos” of men looking at their brides on their wedding day. Truly captivating, and points to the more beautiful reality of meeting our Savior and Lord on That Day.

ARTIST TIP: Friend of the site and marketing/promo savant Daniel Rothamel (@drothamel) posted this like, seriously awesome post a while back that definitely needs to be shouted from the rooftops. Three reasons why artists should not book their own shows (but instead, have a talented manager do it for them!) His reasons? In brief:

1)  You’re an artist, not a negotiator and coordinator.

2)  Having someone handle your booking can give you peace of mind.

3)  Hiring someone means you get the benefit of their knowledge and network.

Last, I’ve been bumping this song non stop. You probably have too, but either way, I figure I’d put you on. Thanks Collision Records (@CollisionRecs), your music has been extremely consistent since you opened shop. Love Swoope’s build up in intensity. Perfectly matches the instrumental.

Alright, we’re done with the culture! Stop gossiping on our message board and spend some time with your families, will ya?

See ya next week.

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